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Aussie slang words rake bonus points for scrabble players

  • Australian scrabble to allow its players to use slang words to rake in extra points 
  • Dubbed ‘Aussie Scrabble’ the popular board game will allow words such as ‘arvo’
  • The board game is derived from slang words from about 20,000 submissions  

Australian scrabble players will now be able to accumulate extra bonus points when using more local slang words while playing the popular board game. 

Wordsmiths from down under will be able to gain more points if they use words such as ‘arvo’ short for afternoon or ‘pav’ for pavlova when playing the game.  

The board game’s distributor, Mattel, said the list of acceptable slang words for the Aussie Scrabble were derived from about 20,000 submissions, the Age reports.

Aussie scrabble allows players to use Australian slang words to gain bonus points

‘It’s a fun twist on the classic game of Scrabble,’ the company’s marketing manager Jacinta Whitehead told the publication. 

‘It allows you to use Aussie slang words on the board and you actually get bonus points for every slang word you use with your tiles,’ she said.

The company added the slang words were spelt based on the most common denominator which were often used by Aussies.

Ms Whitehead added the slang words were sourced throughout Australia.

Among other words that is accepted in the Aussie scrabble were ‘stonkered’ which means bewildered, ‘tinnies’ a can of beer and ‘footy’ short for football. 

Other words that Aussie scrabble players can use would be words such as ambos (ambulance), barbie (barbecue), brekkie (breakfast) cozzie (swimming costume), journo (journalist) and lippy (lipstick).

Dubbed 'Aussie Scrabble' the popular board game will allow words such as 'arvo' (afternoon)

Dubbed ‘Aussie Scrabble’ the popular board game will allow words such as ‘arvo’ (afternoon)