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Aussies divided over $10 spaghetti jaffle being sold at upmarket Sydney pub

Trendy wine bar sparks debate by putting a $10 Heinz tinned spaghetti jaffle on the menu: ‘Idiots will overpay for anything’

  • Sydney pub selling $10 spaghetti jaffles
  • Bar said jaffles were the ‘ultimate comfort food’
  • A can of Heinz spaghetti costs $2 in supermarkets 

Aussies are divided over a $10 Heinz spaghetti jaffle sold at an upmarket Sydney pub, with some arguing they could make it at home for 49c.

The jaffles are being sold at Lil Sis, a fancy wine bar located at the The Abercrombie hotel in inner-Sydney.

The bar serves up three jaffle flavours; triple cheese, pastrami and Heinz tinned spaghetti and says they are the ‘ultimate comfort food’.

‘Feels like a hug, tastes like home. We think jaffles are the ultimate comfort food, especially after a few wines.’

Among an array of deli selections the bar is serving up three jaffles; one triple cheese, one pastrami and the other Heinz tinned spaghetti (pictured)

‘Three to choose from, served until the early hours of the morning.’


Would you pay $10 for a spaghetti jaffle?

While the wine bar, inspired by the ‘charming cave à vins’ found in the neighbourhoods of Paris’ has received only good online reviews, some internet users questioned why the iconic Aussie snack could cost $10. 

A can of Heinz tinned spaghetti currently costs $2 at Coles and Woolworths.  

One man said it was proof ‘idiots will overpay for anything’.  

‘Put the same tin of spaghetti on the same bread and sell it in St Marys for $2 and these same people wouldn’t touch it,’ he said. 

Another internet user said the meal would cost about 49c to to make at home.  

‘I grew up on spaghetti jaffles, I’m 50 and still love them! Not sure I would pay $10 for one, though a kabab may still win at that price after a few drinks,’ another wrote. 

Lil Sis, is the new 'late-night wine bar and shop' at the recently reopened pub The Abercrombie located in Chippendale, in Sydney's CBD (pictured)

Lil Sis, is the new ‘late-night wine bar and shop’ at the recently reopened pub The Abercrombie located in Chippendale, in Sydney’s CBD (pictured)

‘Any port in a storm after a few drinks and spaghetti will do just fine,’ a third said. 

One woman joked that people were missing the point.  

‘A tinned spaghetti jaffle costs 49 cents. What we have here is something entirely different. It’s the Jaffeule Aux Spaghettoire A La Cylindre Du Fer Heinz,’ she said. 

‘A gourmet delight well worth it.’ 

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Lil Sis for comment. 


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