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Aussies fear losing their phones more than their wallets

  • Australians more worried about losing smartphones than losing their wallets
  • Survey was commissioned by which interviewed 2005 people 
  • Australians feared replacement cost the most when losing their smartphones 

Most young Australians would rather have their wallets stolen than their smartphones.

A survey found that many millennials were obsessed with their smartphones with their biggest worry losing all their photos.

‘Photos document our lives, and for many, smartphones are their only camera, so to speak,’  website finder’s tech expert Alex Kidman said.

‘Credit cards can be replaced, but unless your phone’s backed up, memories can disappear forever,’ he said.   

Aussie worried more about their smartphones getting stolen than their wallets (stock image)

Why young Australians fear losing their phone

Losing photos

Replacement cost of a new phone

Identity theft

Losing phone numbers

People accessing their finances/ banking apps 

The website interviewed 2005 people were interviewed for the survey involving respondents in the Gen X, Y and baby boomers age group.

They found that 51 percent of Gen Y would be more worried if their mobile phones was swiped by a stranger, compared to just 33 percent of Gen X and 12 percent of baby boomers.

The survey also found that Aussies was most concerned about the cost involved in replacing their lost mobile phone, followed by identity theft, losing phone numbers, photos and people accessing their financial banking apps.

‘As a generation that’s grown up totally immersed in technology, Gen Y’s are naturally more aware of what’s on their phones and the risks involved in losing their devices.

‘It’s no surprise that cost is a number one concern for Aussies. 

‘Phones are expensive, with some costing as much as $1,200 outright,’ Mr Kidman said. 

An earlier survey conducted by the website this year found that 5.2 million Aussies currently use digital payment services like Apple and Android to pay for goods and services.

Australians feared replacement cost the most when losing their smartphones (stock image)

Australians feared replacement cost the most when losing their smartphones (stock image)