Aussies praise parking ranger for choosing NOT to fine a woman $196 over her illegally parked car

Aussies heap praise on ‘best parking inspector ever’ after kind-hearted ranger chooses NOT to fine woman $196 for parking illegally when good samaritan steps in as he writes ticket

  • A ranger patrolling Sydney’s CBD this week spotted a Mazda in a loading zone
  • He began writing out a ticket when he was stalled by a man joking it was his car
  • When the female owner returned to the car, he spared her the $196 parking fine
  • A video of the interaction was posted online, with many praising the kind ranger 

A kind ranger has won a legion of fans after choosing not to fine a woman $196 despite her admitting she parked illegally. 

The inspector was patrolling along Sussex St, in Sydney’s CBD, this week, when he noticed a white Mazda parked in a loading zone.

As he began writing out a ticket, he was interrupted by a male bystander pretending to be the disappointed owner of the car. 

‘Ahhh! You got me mate, you got me,’ the man says, in a video of the interaction posted on TikTok.

‘Is that you? If it’s you, I’ll let you go mate,’ the inspector responds.

A kind ranger (pictured) has been praised by Aussies after a video posted on TikTok showed him sparing a woman a parking fine

The man laughs and admits he was just joking, but praises the council worker for offering to rip up the ticket.

‘Bro, you’re actually the best ranger I’ve ever met in my life!’ he says.

‘There are a few that are cool man,’ the inspector replies.

As the pair continue to chat, the female owner of the Mazda exits a nearby shop and walks over to her car. 

‘Why did you park here? You owe this man a thank you because I was about to write you a ticket,’ the ranger says.

The woman admits she parked in the loading zone because she was ‘rushing to see a friend’, but says the signs were ‘confusing’.

The ranger reminds her the signs indicate those spots are reserved for trucks or utility vehicles, before he walks away.

‘You owe this man a coffee. See you later,’ he says.

The video quickly went viral, racking up almost 20,000 reactions as Australians praised the parking ranger for exercising discretion. 

The woman (pictured) admits she was aware she was not permitted to stop, but argues the 'signs were confusing'

The woman (pictured) admits she was aware she was not permitted to stop, but argues the ‘signs were confusing’

‘Not all heroes wear capes,’ one person said.

‘What a legend,’ another added.

Someone else said the council worker should be ’employee of the month’, while another called him a ‘top bloke’.  

‘Love this guy,’ a fifth comment read. 

Others lauded the bystander for his work in helping spare the woman the pricey penalty. 

‘You are both absolute legends,’ one person wrote.

‘I’d be so grateful – [she] owes him more than a coffee,’ a second said.