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Austin bomber shot dead as police try to arrest him

  • Austin bomber has been shot dead as police tried to arrest him, it is reported 
  • Police and FBI tracked the man to the Round Rock area before a pursuit began
  • During the chase the bomber set off another device before being shot dead 
  • Interstate closed in both directions and dozens of police vehicles are on scene

The Austin bomber has been shot dead as police FBI agents were trying to arrest him, it has been reported.

The man detonated a device before gunfire rang out along Interstate Highway 35 in the early hours of Wednesday, according to KVUE.

The FBI and police tracked the bomber to the Round Rock area before engaging him around 3am on Wednesday, the station reports. 

The Austin bomber has been shot dead after he detonated another device while police and FBI agents tried to arrest him along Interstate 35, it is reported 

As officers pursued the suspect a device was detonated, which had been anticipated by police, before a volley of gunfire.

Austin Police Department tweeted that they were working on an officer-involved shooting near the highway, but gave no further details.

The I-35 has been closed in both directions while images from the scene show dozens of law enforcement vehicles parked along the highway. 

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