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Australia election 2022: Read Grace Tame’s brutal final election plea to Australia

May 20: Describes Scott Morrison as ‘a self-serving, corrupt, sociopathic marketing man’ as she urged a vote for Anthony Albanese. ‘For all our sakes, it’s not a case of choosing between remotely similar options when it comes to this guy [Mr Albanese] and Scott.’

May 19:  Ms Tame criticises the prime minister for bringing his wife Jenny onto the campaign during the final week. ‘A woman he uses as an object of blame, to ease his conscience about his bad behaviour.’

May 18: The 2021 Australian of the Year shared a picture of former prime minister John Howard campaigning with controversial Liberal candidate for Warringah Katherine Deves, who has drawn ire for her comments about trans people playing female sports. ‘The packaging (right) vs the actual contents (left),’ she captioned the photo. 

May 16: Ms Tame paid Mr Morrison a back-handed compliment during a podcast with cult parody website, the Betoota Advocate. ‘He’s quite intelligent, I’ll give him that,’ she said, but then went on to accuse the prime minister of waging ‘petty vendettas’, branding him ‘egocentric’ and ‘entitled’.

‘I’m no more entitled to anything than anybody else,’ she told the podcast. ‘The problem is Scott Morrison – his entitlement. “I’m the Prime Minister, and she should smile at me because I’m the Prime Minister.” ‘I was standing next to Scott Morrison, and I’m friends with Brittany [Higgins, who has accused the government of covering up her alleged rape in Parliament].

‘And I’m like, I can’t smile at you. Like, this is a crock of s***. All these play-nice institutions that just harbour abusers and cover it up – for the sake of what?’

May 13: The Tasmanian tweeted her view of the Sydney Morning Herald running an interview with Katherine Deves in which the divisive candidate claimed most Australians agreed with her views on trans people in female sports. 

‘Do better, @smh,’ Ms Tame tweeted. ‘Katherine Deves’ views on trans children aren’t ‘controversial’. They’re absolutely false. Defending her ‘right to speak her mind’? She is defending her right to spread disinformation and abuse, enabled by this propagandist puff piece. Stop softening hate.’

Grace Tame has been a steady critic of Prime Minister Scott Morrison – and his candidate for Warringah, Katherine Deves – throughout the Federal election, with only one minor criticism of ALP leader Anthony Albanese

May 9: Ms Tame criticised Mr Albanese for sitting down for an interview with veteran conservative broadcaster, Alan Jones, after the Labor leader posted a photo of the pair shaking hands. ‘Side eye SIDE EYE,’ she captioned the photo of Mr Albanese with Jones.

April 29: In an interview conducted by Ms Tame with the opposition leader for InStyle magazine, the two discussed Mr Albanese’s upbringing, diversity, the Covid pandemic and Ms Tame’s bong photo. 

But she was later criticised by 2GB host Jim Wilson for not discussing bullying allegations against senior Labor women after the death of ALP senator Kimberley Kitching.

April 20: Mr Morrison’s comment about being ‘blessed’ not to have a disabled child during the first leaders’ debate in Brisbane prompts Ms Tame, who has high-functioning autism, to share a photo of their awkward pre-Australia Day encounter with the caption: ‘Autism blesses those of us who have it with the ability to spot fakes from a mile off,’ she wrote. 

April 14: Ms Tame takes aim at Katherine Deves after her transphobic social media posts come to light: ‘Not only is this deeply insulting to the LGBT community, it trivialises very real experiences of one of the most evil forms of calculated psychological violence,’ she wrote.

‘This kind of insidious hatred is shamefully cruel. It is deliberate and tactical. It is designed to ignite fear and division. It has to stop. LGBT rights are human rights.’

April 10: During a panel appearance at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Ms Tame cracked jokes at the prime minister’s expense, including alluding to the famous rumour about Mr Morrison and Engadine McDonald’s.

The 28-year-old labelled Mr Morrison a ‘joke dessert that ices itself’ and added that the PM ‘grabs the ukulele all by himself’, a reference to his 60 Minutes interview that was quickly mocked online.