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Australian business owner Allen Fu calls workers ‘lazy’ and entitled in TikTok rant

Entrepreneur slams Australian workers as lazy claiming the government pays people $1,000 a fortnight to sit at home and do nothing: ‘In America if you don’t want to work, you’re dead’

  • Entrepreneur Allen Fu calls Aussies ‘lazy’
  • Claims that Aussie workers are ‘expensive’ and ‘entitled’
  • Centrelink pays single people much less – $668.40 per fortnight 

A Sydney-based entrepreneur has slammed the nation’s workers as ‘lazy’, ‘expensive’ and ‘entitled’, arguing they need to be more like Americans where if you don’t work, ‘you’re dead’.

Allen Fu shared his low opinion on the work ethic of Australians in a TikTok rant on Thursday, arguing they are paid too much welfare by Centrelink. 

Mr Fu said: ‘That’s why Australians are lazy, bro. If you don’t wanna work, no worries – we’ll give you $1,000 a fortnight so you can live. If you go to America, you don’t wanna work? You’re dead. It’s crazy.

‘Every country I visited, when they met Aussies their first perspective was ‘oh, you guys are lazy c****’. Everyone’s lazy – 5pm clock-off and done.’

Mr Fu’s $1,000 figure is an exaggeration – Centrelink’s JobSeeker or ‘dole’ program pays a maximum fortnightly amount of $668.40 to a single person with no children.

Australian entrepreneur Allen Fu (above) said Australian workers are ‘lazy’, ‘expensive’ and ‘entitled’

The Federal government welfare agency pays $608.70 for a partnered person and $915.40 for a single principal carer who takes care of a large family or has other responsibilities such as foster care arrangements. The payments are also paid out with requirements that jobseekers apply for a certain number of jobs. 

In his video, Mr Fu then explained how the work culture in other countries he’s visited stacks up against Australia’s.

‘Over there they keep working, go to get drinks, they work at night,’ he said.

‘Their boss calls at 1am, they’ll work. Here it’s ‘what do you mean, you can’t call me. I’m off work’.

‘The working culture here in Australia is s***. Staff are expensive, they’re entitled – anywhere else on the planet they’re grateful for a job.

‘It’s not even our fault, society and the government have conditioned us to be like that.’

However, hundreds of commenters pointedly disagreed with Mr Fu and poked fun at him for rubbishing Australian working conditions.

He applauded overseas workers - like Americans - for working extra long hours, being available at all times of the day and acting 'grateful' for employment

He applauded overseas workers – like Americans – for working extra long hours, being available at all times of the day and acting ‘grateful’ for employment

‘I’ve never, in my life, seen anyone so upset to be treated well,’ one person wrote.

‘Work culture is amazing bro, you should work to live not the other way around,’ another said. 

‘Either this dude is oblivious to being exploited or he lets money run his life,’ another person commented.

A fourth commenter wrote: ‘Workers aren’t overworked and can still keep their job. They’re even paid properly?? This is terrible.’

Another said: ‘Man thinks he’ll be on his deathbed wishing he had picked up just one more 12-hour shift.’ 

But several other commenters said their own businesses are suffering because it’s hard to find dedicated workers.

‘It’s true, I agree, staff are entitled and don’t want to work but still want to be paid. Small business’s hurt,’ one commenter wrote.

‘It’s the same in UK. That’s why economies are declining and the rest is rising,’ another said.

‘It’s 100 per cent true, too easy to get the dole (payments) here,’ a third person wrote.


Single, no children


Single, with a dependent child or children


Single, 60 or older, after 9 continuous months on payment




Single principal carer granted an exemption from mutual obligation requirements for foster caring, non-parent relative caring under a court order, distance education, large family or home schooling




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