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Australian ‘ex-Army Uber driver’ launches racist tirade at Indian man

‘I fought for the turf you stand on’: Disturbing moment Australian Uber driver claiming to be an Army veteran racially abuses an Indian motorist

  • Footage has emerged of an Uber driver abusing an Indian man at Cairns Airport
  • The man, who claims to be ex-Army, barked that Indians were  ‘f*****g peasants’ 
  • In a racist rant, he told the man, also an Uber driver, that Indians steal and cheat
  • The man then threatened to ‘f****** smash up’ the driver, saying he’s ‘a target’
  • Uber confirmed it has since banned the man from using the ride-sharing app 

An Australian Uber driver who claimed to be an Army veteran launched a foul-mouthed tirade at a fellow ride-share motorist, threatening to ‘f***ing smash him up’.

The unnamed man hurled racist abuse at the driver, who had an Indian accent, at the standby zone at Cairns Airport.

It is not clear why the white Australian took issue with his fellow Uber driver, accosting him and launching into an obscene rant. 

The unnamed Uber driver (pictured) claims to be ex-Australian Army as he launched his foul-mouthed tirade against his Indian colleague at Cairns Airport.

In the video, dated November 17, the man approached his fellow driver, pointed in his face and said: ‘You’re in Australia, not in f***ing India. You get that?’

The Indian driver asked him what he means, to which he replied: ‘You’re not a f***ing Australian.

‘Get your s*** together with these Indian drivers ’cause we’re f***ing sick of it.’

The driver then told the man, who is wearing a black t-shirt with Brooklyn written in white, to ‘mind his language’.

‘What did you say?’ he asked, to which the Indian man again replied that he should ‘mind his language.’

The white man then said: ‘Don’t ever f***ing tell a f***ing ex-soldier, Australian Army 20 years, to mind his language, when I fought for this f***ing turf you stand on.

‘Have you got that in your f***ing head?’

The man then told him he was being abusive, saying: ‘you’re abusing me, mate. You’re abusing me.’

After a short pause, the Australian man continued with more menacing threats.

The Indian Uber driver appears to be filming the man (pictured) as he launched into a racist rant, calling Indians 'f****** peasants'

The Indian Uber driver appears to be filming the man (pictured) as he launched into a racist rant, calling Indians ‘f****** peasants’ 

 ‘You and I are going to have a bit of a f***ing query about this,’ he said.

‘And I’m gonna f***ing (whispered) smash you up brother. You heard what I said – you’re a target. You’re a target. You are a big target.’

According to the Cairns Post, in another section of video, the aggressor called Indians ‘f***ing peasants’ who rip off Australians.

He also said Indian people steal because ‘it’s in your f***ing blood’.

‘It’s like when you go to the cricket and you wave your flags and you sit in your f***ing groups,’ he allegedly added.

‘You don’t mix with the Aussies.

‘You enclave in your little f***ing horror f***ing stories.’

Uber has since removed the Australian man’s access to its app. 

A spokeswoman for Uber told Daily Mail Australia: ‘Discriminatory or abusive behaviour is a clear breach of Uber’s community guidelines. We would encourage any driver, or rider, who experiences this kind of appalling behaviour to report it to us through the app so we look into the matter and take appropriate action.

‘Feedback is incredibly important to us and is one way we can learn about potential issues. Our safety team reviews this information and looks into potential issues. ‘ 




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