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Australian man Turan Salis films robbery attempt in Los Angeles for TikTok

Australian man films the scary moment a man stops him and asks for money in a ‘sketchy’ part of LA – and reveals his unique ‘anti-theft’ method

  • Aussie TikTok user was confronted by two men in LA
  • One asks for money and demands he gets off his bike
  • The Aussie shouts at the man before the pair let him go

An Australian man has filmed himself yelling at a man during an alleged robbery attempt in a ‘sketchy area’ of Los Angeles – in what he claims is his DIY way to deter thieves.

TikTok user Turan Salis, 20, who goes by the name shearingshedvlogs online, is seen in the video being confronted by two men as he heads along a bike path in Los Angeles.

‘Hey, hey, slow down, slow down,’ one of the men says as he approaches the young Aussie.

‘You from around here?’ he asks. 

Mr Salis angrily shouts back at the man: ‘Oi! What are you talking to me for?!’

A young Australian man was confronted by two men in a ‘sketchy area’ of Los Angeles

The man then asks the TikTok user if he has any money. 

‘You trying to start something brah?’ Mr Salis continues in a raised voice.

The man then demands the Aussie ‘get off the bike’ as he grabs onto it.

‘Oi!’ Mr Salis shouts again.

‘Yeah, get off the bike,’ the man responds. 

The man’s friend then says something to him, prompting him to let go of Mr Salis’s bike.

‘Oh he’s with you? My bad,’ he says to the other man.

Mr Salis swears to himself before riding off.

The TikTok user suggested in the caption of the clip that people should raise their voice when they’re approached in America.

‘You must assert your voice when you are talking to someone who approaches you in sketchy areas, because strangers don’t really come up to you to have a friendly conversation about the weather like we do in Australia,’ he wrote. 

TikTok user Turan Salis (pictured) shouted at a man who grabbed onto his bike and asked whether he had money

TikTok user Turan Salis (pictured) shouted at a man who grabbed onto his bike and asked whether he had money

Mr Salis’s bizarre TikTok clip has amassed more than two million views.

Some users applauded him for standing his ground during the robbery attempt.

‘You stayed very calm and under pressure bro, good job,’ wrote one.

‘De-escalation skills are on point.’ said another.

But other viewers criticised Mr Salis for the way he approached the situation. 

‘Chill bro you going to get shot acting like that,’ commented a viewer. 

A second wrote: ‘Doing this to the wrong guy will get you bashed.’

‘The other guy protected you more than the screaming,’ added another. 

Mr Salis, who used to work as a sheep shearer back in Australia, spends his time traveling to different countries and vlogs his experiences.