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Australian shopper slams Kmart for putting checkouts in the middle of the store

Shoppers slam Kmart over ‘frustrating’ change to every store’s checkouts: ‘It’s the dumbest idea they’ve ever had’

  • Customer slams Kmart’s centrally-located checkouts 
  • Kmart said the new registers cause fewer queues and clutter

Kmart customers are slamming the budget retailer for a ‘ridiculous’ new detail about its store checkouts. 

A shopper complained about Kmart checkouts being situated in the middle of the store rather than the exit.

The Victorian man was frustrated the location of the checkouts meant an attendant has to check customers’ bags and receipts as they leave the store.

He said the move can make patrons feel like they’re being treated ‘like a shoplifter’ every time they exit the store. 

Many agreed with the disgruntled customer’s take saying the decision to place checkouts in the middle of all Kmart stores is ‘dumb’ and ‘frustrating’.

Shoppers are sharing their frustration over Kmart placing its checkout in the centre of the store and having to show their purchases and receipt to an attendant as they leave

‘Dear Kmart Australia, Why put the checkout area in the middle of the store if you’re going to treat EVERY SHOPPER like a shoplifter on the way out?’ the disgruntled shopper wrote in a post to Facebook. 

The post drew in a flurry of responses from fellow shoppers who also thought the system was inefficient. 

‘A bit ridiculous, isn’t it?’ someone replied. 

‘It’s so frustrating. Then they put 15-year-old kids on the door and expect them to be security. It’s horrendous on both sides of that transaction,’ a second said.

‘I’m with you mate, it’s the DUMBEST idea they’ve ever had,’ a third commented.

Kmart responded to the man's complaints saying the central checkouts are 'easy to access' and create less 'clutter'

Kmart responded to the man’s complaints saying the central checkouts are ‘easy to access’ and create less ‘clutter’

However not everyone was against the checkout change with one customer saying the new system requires fewer employees and makes it easier to leave the store.

‘I used to think it was nuts but it makes sense. In the old days the only way out of Kmart was via the registers whether you purchased something or not,’ they said.

‘It caused a bottleneck and required more staff attention than posting one person at the exit.’


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He added the registers’ location may be a way to encourage shoppers to buy more items and be more likely to return if they forgot something. 

‘This way you are well inside the the store after your purchase and there is a chance on your way out you might see something else to purchase,’ he said.

‘It’s a way of making you walk past some items a second time.’

Kmart responded to the man’s complaints saying the central checkouts are ‘easy to access’ and create less ‘clutter’.

‘We now have checkouts located in the centre of the store so it’s easy to access from any location. Additionally, store entrances are now free of queues and clutter!’ a spokesperson replied. 

‘We wanted to give our customers a better shopping experience, so we’re sorry this wasn’t the case.’