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Australian shoppers suggest Kmart’s coffee grinders are used by cannabis users to grind marijuana

The bizarre reason Kmart is padlocking its $17 coffee grinders in stores – and it’s not because of the price

  • Australian shoppers noticed Kmart’s $17 coffee grinder were security protected 
  • An image of the padlocked grinders on Kmart’s shelves was posted to Reddit
  • Users suggested they are often stolen by people who use it to grind up cannabis
  • $17 and $30 padlocked grinders sit next to a $95 espresso machine with no tags 

Australian shoppers have noticed Kmart’s $17 coffee grinders are security tagged and many have come up with a theory as to why. 

An image posted to Reddit shows the padlocked grinders with commenters speculating they are often stolen by cannabis users who use the appliance to grind marijuana before smoking it. 

A $95 espresso machine with no tags sits on the Kmart shelves next to the two different security protected grinders that are just $17 and $39 each. 

An image shows Kmart’s padlocked grinders with commenters speculating that they are often stolen by cannabis users who use the appliance to grind their marijuana before smoking it

‘Purchased mine at Kmart, the girl serving me couldn’t understand all the security for the cheap grinder when the expensive coffee machine had none,’ one person recalled. 

‘This is hilarious because I clean for this place and just saw some junk mail up in the lunch room this morning. This is literally the only appliance on the list that needs security in the whole of appliances section,’ another claimed. 

‘The Kmart I work at they keep them behind the service desk, get people asking for them multiple times a day,’ alleged a third. 

Daily Mail Australia has reached out to Kmart for comment. 

Last year, an Australian TikToker went viral for a clip highlighting the review section of the grinder that has since jumped $3 in price and was always mysteriously sold out on the Kmart website.

The gadget has hundreds of five-stars reviews on the Kmart website with many customers suggesting they use it for ‘something other than what is recommended’. 

‘Uh yeah, it works well for other stuff too,’ one reviewer ambiguously said while another was less subtle writing: ‘Amazing Product for the price, will wizz through the fattest buds and collects a stupid amount of ‘dust’. Highly recommended.’