Australians outraged at sad converted carport listed for rent in Doveton, Melbourne

Renter left ‘speechless’ after noticing an extremely ‘sad’ detail about a one-bedroom real estate listing: ‘This is the worst’

  • An Australian man has slammed a rental property that is just a converted carport
  • The ‘one-bedroom’ flat in Doveton, Melbourne was advertised for $320 per week
  • TikToker Jordie van den Berg reviewed the ‘illegal’ property in a viral TikTok clip
  • He pointed out the ‘unit two’ rental had no unit number on the letter box
  • Inside, there was plumbing in the living room and no oven in the kitchen 
  • Jordie reported the home to the council and the listing has been removed online

Australian renters have been left ‘speechless’ by a real estate agent’s listing for a ‘one-bedroom, one-bathroom’ property that looks like a carport. 

TikToker Jordie van den Berg slammed the ‘illegal’ $320-per-week rental in Doveton, Melbourne in an online video and even reported the ‘flat’ to the council. 

‘It’s advertised as a one-bedroom, one-bath but if you look closely on Google street view it’s literally just an actual carport,’ he claimed in the clip.


TikToker Jordie van den Berg has left thousands in hysterics with his review of a ‘sad’ rental property listed for $320-per-week in Doveton, Melbourne that looks like a converted carport

‘Fun fact, there are a couple ways you can tell this place is illegally subdivided, which means you can’t get your name on any utilities or anything, so you can’t prove where you live.’

He pointed out the tenant would have to share internet with the person living in the house adjoining the unit two flat and all bills are included in the weekly price.

Jordie also noted that while the property is listed as ‘unit two’ there is no unit number on the letter box. 

‘Personally, I really enjoyed that the real estate agent said that what I’ll love is that this is ideal for the whole family when it’s literally a studio converted from someone’s f****** carport,’ he joked.

‘The real estate agent also did say it will leave you speechless which I guess technically is correct.’

Inside, Jordie noted drain pipes and plumbing in the living room as well as no oven and a ‘gutter’ in the kitchen. 

‘I’m not a plumber but I’m pretty sure all this plumbing is not meant to be on the inside of the living area. There’s also a drain pipe,’ he said.

‘Moving onto the kitchen, there is no oven but can I interest you in a gutter that is on the inside of your house again and a rangehood that looks like it needs its own f***ing rangehood?’

Inside, Jordie noted drain pipes and plumbing in the living room as well as no oven and a 'gutter' in the kitchen

Inside, Jordie noted drain pipes and plumbing in the living room as well as no oven and a ‘gutter’ in the kitchen

Jordie’s video has been viewed more than 95,000 times and had hundreds in the comments shocked at the ‘atrocious’ advertisement. 

”Captivating views” if you love the feeling of being held captive,’ one commenter joked.

‘I’m actually speechless,’ a second said while a third asked: ‘How do they get away with this?!’

‘$300?! Seriously?! There are so many much nicer places that are cheaper/better value than that haha, what on earth are the owners thinking,’ laughed a fourth.

In a follow-up clip Jordie said he had reported the ‘suspicious’ rental to the council who are now investigating and the listing has been removed online. 

‘I called the council’s planning division and the lady on the phone was like “That’s definitely not an approved dwelling” so she’s sending out the enforcement team,’ he claimed.

‘She was like “They’re pretty busy at the moment but this one might be at the top of the list.”‘