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Australians set to swelter through scorching heatwave with temperatures of 40°C

Australians are set to swelter through a scorching heatwave as temperatures reach 40C amid urgent warnings for vulnerable people to stay safe

  • Health Officials warn people to stay safe as temperatures soar this week 
  • The Scorching Heatwave is expected to bring highs of 40C 
  • Fire conditions are set to worsen due to extreme temperatures 

Temperatures are set to soar during a heatwave as they reach a high of 40C. 

Queensland will experience a hot week with extreme highs, forcing health officials to warn people must stay safe in the heat.  

Those most vulnerable are urged to take extra care include the elderly, children, those with medical conditions and outdoor workers.  

Vulnerable people are urged to stay safe when enjoying the sun as temperatures soar to 40C

Weather warnings turn to severe as heatwave is predicted for the following week

Weather warnings turn to severe as heatwave is predicted for the following week

Australian Medical Association Queensland president Dilip Dhupelia told the Courier Mail heat stress impacted older people more than anyone else.

‘Extreme heat contributes to the death of more than 1000 people aged over 65 in Australia every year,’ Dr Dhupelia said.

Despite predictions that fire conditions will calm today, it is unlikely that it will be a lengthy relief as severe danger warnings are expected to return tomorrow. 

The predicted extreme temperatures along with high force winds are set to produce dyer conditions worsening the blaze.  

Residents with respiratory conditions in both NSW and Queensland are being warned that the combination of heat and smoke may affect their health.

Lingering smoke could be ‘unhealthy for sensitive people, and could cause symptoms, especially in people with heart or lung disease’, the NSW state’s environment department said.

The Courier Mail revealed a statement made by Queensland Ambulance Services Alex Thompson, who encouraged those who work outside should seek shade whenever possible during the extreme heat and, most importantly, stay hydrated.  

Mr Thompson gave advice on how to deal with the heatwave, he said: ‘When you go through the effects of heat-related illness, once someone stops sweating that’s when we’re really concerned because sweat is how you regulate your body temperature,’  

He also advised that parents of young children should monitor their child’s urine ensuring they are going through as many nappies as they normally would.  

Mr Thompson also encouraged people to visit any members of family who may have a ‘medical condition’ and invite anyone who doesn’t  have access to air conditioning to somewhere that does.

People are expected to bask in 40C temperatures but are urged to take extra precautions and stay in shade when possible ( stock images )

People are expected to bask in 40C temperatures but are urged to take extra precautions and stay in shade when possible (stock images) 

As Queensland is issued a severe weather warning, other spots such as Darling Downs and the Southeast Coast which were  issued a severe rating on Monday, have dropped to very high.

Brisbane Bureau of Meteorology’s Dean Narramore said on the change: ‘There has been a drop in westerly winds and moisture is being introduced into the air up the coast with southerly winds.’  

Narramore continued and warned of the ominous prediction in the week to come saying that there will be a temperature and wind increase, but that it won’t be as bad as Monday was. 

Again, the interval of relief will be brief as on Thursday, Darling Downs and the Granite Belt are expected to return to severe conditions, with the southeast coast close behind on Friday.

Australia’s five day weather forecast 


Wednesday: Min 17C, Max 34C

Thursday: Min 19C, Max 35C 

Friday: Min 20C, Max 36C

Saturday: Min 23C, Max 35C

Sunday: Min 23C, Max 31C


Wednesday: Min 18C, Max 29C

Thursday: Min 17C, Max 33C

Friday:  Min 19C, Max 29C

Saturday: Min 19C, Max 26C

Sunday: Min 18C, Max 26C 


Wednesday: Min 14C, Max 23C

Thursday: Min 13C, Max 23C

Friday: Min 11C, Max 23C

Saturday: Min 11C, Max 27C

Sunday: Min 17C, Max 37C


Wednesday: Min 6C, Max 15C

Thursday: Min 9C, Max 18C

Friday: Min 9C, Max 17C

Saturday: Min 9C, Max 18C

Sunday: Min 9C, Max 24C


Wednesday: Min 12C, Max 21C 

Thursday: Min 12C, Max 21C

Friday: Min 12C, Max 21C

Saturday: Min 11C, Max 20C

Sunday: Min 10C, Max 26C


Wednesday: Min 19C, Max 36C

Thursday: Min 21C, Max 38C

Friday: Min 24C, Max 41C

Saturday: Min 19C, Max 27C 

Sunday: Min 17C, Max 26C


Wednesday: Min 28C, Max 35C

Thursday: Min 26C, Max 35C

Friday: Min 27C, Max 35C

Saturday: Min 27C, Max 35C

Sunday: Min 27C, Max 35C


Wednesday: Min 13C, Max 24C

Thursday: Min 9C, Max 28C

Friday: Min 11C, Max 27C

Saturday: Min 9C, Max 28C

Sunday: Min 11C, Max 32C




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