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Australia’s restaurants and cafes open their doors as coronavirus lockdown restrictions are eased 


* Western Australia is going further than any other state in relaxing coronavirus rules, the government says, amid a mixed reaction to the state’s economic roadmap.

* Locals will be encouraged to return to work and take regional holidays, the limit on group gatherings will be doubled to 20 people, and hospitality businesses will be allowed to serve diners under phase two of WA’s recovery plan starting next Monday.

* But with just one new case of coronavirus recorded in the past 12 days, the government has faced a backlash for not going further in unwinding restrictions.

* Like restaurants and cafes, pubs will be allowed to reopen but a limit of 20 patrons will apply as well as the one person per four square metres rule, and a requirement for customers to buy a meal if they want to have a drink.

* Students will return to the classroom from May 29.

* WA Premier Mark McGowan said it was a ‘cautious relaxation’ of restrictions.


* Parks and reserves have reopened. 

* Weddings, funerals, playgrounds, parks and public swimming pools re-opened from May 1.

* Outdoor sports where people can be physically distant, such as golf and tennis, are allowed.

* Pubs, cafes and restaurants will re-open from May 15. People will be allowed in for two hours.  


* From Saturday 16 May, restaurants, pubs and clubs can have up to 10 patrons at a time

* Stay-at-home restrictions to ease from Saturday, May 2.

* Up to five members from a single household can visit another home from May 10. 

* Family picnics and weekend drives allowed, national parks will reopen and people can shop for clothing and shoes, and go for haircuts

* You can let your dog off the leash as 131 dog parks will gradually reopen

* Citizens must stay within 50km of their homes, and social distancing will still be enforced.

* People from the same household can go out together, while those who live alone can spend time with one other person.

* No change to schools until at least May 15 with students continuing to learn remotely where they can.

* ‘We recognise that Queenslanders have done a great job in trying to flatten that curve. So we also know it’s having a big impact on people’s mental health. We thought we could lift some stay-at-home restrictions,’ Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says.


* Victorians will soon be able to have five family and friends in their home but Premier Daniel Andrews has warned it’s far from party time.

* Visiting loved ones will officially be a new reason for people in the state to leave home under eased coronavirus restrictions, which will be in place from 11:59pm on Tuesday until May 31.

* Gatherings of 10 people outdoors will also be allowed as long as social distancing is observed.

* The premier’s beloved game of golf, walking groups, fishing and hiking are among the outdoor activities allowed again.

* People won’t be allowed to stay at their family and friends’ homes overnight or camp overnight in national parks, some of which are being reopened.

* Professional sport teams including AFL and rugby league will be able to get back to training from just before midnight on Tuesday.

* Students are expected to be able to get back in the classroom by the end of term two, but more details are yet to be revealed.


* Tasmanians will soon be able to exercise in close-by national parks and reserves as the state begins a cautious lifting of coronavirus restrictions.

* The island on Friday unveiled its plan for a staggered lifting of restrictions but has decided to hold firm on hard border measures until at least July.

* A 10-person limit on mourners at funerals was be lifted to 20 on Monday, while residents will be able to return to parks within 30km of their home.

* The state’s ban on aged care visits will be eased, but no more than two visitors will be allowed once a week.

* While there is some relief for locals, non-essential travellers arriving in Tasmania will still be required to quarantine in government facilities until at least July.

* Limits on public gatherings will ease from May 18 when stage one of the plan is slated to begin.

* Restaurants, cafes, playgrounds, pools and boot camps will be able to resume for up to 10 people at a time.

* Border restrictions, however, are still expected to be in place when stage three of the plan begins in mid-July.


* Cafes and restaurants will re-open from May 15 but may only seat 10 people at a time.  

* From Friday 1 May, two adults and their children were allowed to visit friends in their home

* The state government is encouraging shops to re-open with social distancing in place

*Pupils went back back to school on May 11 on a roster basis. State government wants full-time classroom teaching sooner rather than later  


* Cafes and restaurants re-opened from May 11 but may only seat 10 people at a time. 

* ‘Our restrictions are actually not as severe in some respects as other states and territories,’ South Australian Health Minister Stephen Wade said.


* The territory has slightly relaxed restrictions to allow adult children to visit their parents

* ‘This is not a race or a contest between jurisdictions. We are in a great position here in the ACT, largely thanks to the great community effort in complying with the rules around physical distancing. However, we have seen around the world what can happen when restrictions are imposed too late or taken away too early,’ ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr said.