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Autumn Seasonal Cooking: 5 Ways with Chicken Maryland

Autumn is here, and to celebrate the change in season we are sharing five delicious recipes using chicken Maryland. Not much can beat the versatility, flavour, and easy cooking of the humble chicken. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick and easy dinner or a show-stopping centrepiece, read on for our tasty ideas.

What is chicken Maryland?

This tasty cut of chicken contains both the drumstick and thigh and has the skin on. It’s a reliable and budget-friendly cut of meat, and while it may not have the grandeur of a piece of eye fillet steak, there are endless ways you can use it. If you’re looking for the best-tasting chicken Maryland in Victoria, you can’t beat the ones from MeatSmith. Sourced from the Bannockburn free-range chicken farm, they are grown locally near Geelong and are all free from hormones.

5 Chicken Maryland Recipes

Tarragon Chicken

Tarragon chicken is a classic French-style dish with a very distinctive taste. It’s a fragrant stew made using deboned chicken Maryland’s, confit garlic, peas, green beans & tarragon. To finish it off, you just need to add chicken jus and red wine vinegar. To make, simply brown your chicken in a pan with some oil until nice and golden. Sautee your garlic and add a glass of white wine before adding chicken jus (stock), cream, and tarragon.

Simmer for a few minutes before returning the chicken to the pan with the lid on and simmer for five to ten minutes until cooked through. While your chicken is cooking, boil a saucepan of water and cook your peas, and green beans. Add to the tarragon chicken at the very end and stir in a tablespoon of good red wine vinegar. This is especially delicious when served with a buttery mash and very comforting on these colder days.

Roast chicken Maryland

If you’re cooking for one or two people, Maryland is perfect for roasting and is a cinch to cook! Try stuffing it first with a simple mix of thyme, salt and pepper. To stuff Maryland, you need to just get the mixture under the skin. Gently push up under the skin from the drumstick and try not to tear it or your stuffing will seep out while cooking. Put in a hot oven at 180C for 20 minutes or so. Delicious!

Chicken Involtini

Chicken Involtini is essentially a stuffed chicken. You can even make it with chicken Marylands, if you ask your butcher to remove the bones for you. Try it filled with artichoke, ricotta, thyme & lemon zest and then roll it up and secure with a piece of pancetta-wrapped around it a few times.  A quick roast at 180-200 degrees for 25-35 mins until golden. This makes a tasty Sunday mini roast!


A traybake is one of the most simple and satisfying meals. Load up your roasting tray with well-seasoned Marylands (either whole or sectioned), a bulb of sliced fennel, the zest and juice of an orange, fennel seeds, some garlic and a good glug of olive oil. Roast at 190℃ until the chicken is golden and the fennel has caramelised (about 35-45 minutes). Serve with cannellini beans and all the pan juices.

Chicken Maryland Curry

For our final recipe suggestion, we bring you chicken curry. Marylands are great in a curry as the meat is flavoursome and stays juicy with longer cooking. Use your favourite curry paste as a base, add a tin of coconut milk, chicken and your favourite vegetables at the end. Serve with steamed rice and you will never regret your decision for a spicy supper.

Whatever way you decide to cook your chicken, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the versatile nature and comforting taste of Marylands.