Awarding Your Company Retirees: Things You Can Do To Make Them Feel Special

When it comes down to celebrating someone’s retirement, it is important that you have goals to make their retirement award ceremony special. Make them feel appreciated and loved.

How you want to celebrate someone’s retirement will depend on the methods the organization is comfortable about. There can be several ways in which you can plan their retirement and make them feel special.

For instance, you start with an award-giving event, just use an acrylic plaque with photo and add their contribution to the organization.

How Can You Make Company Retirees Feel Special?

Retirement after a long year with your company is a big deal. Long-term employees are the pillars of the organization that have given their services to maintain the organization; they certainly need special recognition.

A special recognition can potentially change their life and give them feelings knowing that they have made a difference in the organization’s workplace.

Given below are the things you can do to make them feel special.

1. Hold Recognition Events In Their Name

Taking out time for the retired and holding events in their name will show how valuable they have been to the organization, and they will be missed in the organization after their retirements.

You can organize a retirement party at the office or a different venue. You can even add other elements. However, do not forget to invite the most important people in the retirees’ life.

If you do not know about the required personal life, ask their colleges and ensure that you have enough information to plan a perfect retiring party for them.

2. Reward Them For Their Long-Term Services

Remember that the recognition event is to honor the retirees. So, do not forget to add a reward to show your compassion towards them. Ask your organization to prepare a suitable reward for the retirees. The reward can be anything- starting from appreciation to offering retirement certificates.

Furthermore, you can make them special guests in the organization’s launch events. This will certainly add special value to their honor.

3. Give A Presentation About The Retirees Career Highlights

What would be best to celebrate a retirement event other than a presentation about the retirees’ career highlights and their achievements? If there is no time to prepare a special presentation, you can simply use a PowerPoint presentation.

However, if you can integrate other options like creating video and adding video messages, it will certainly fill their retirement with warm emotions.

4. Create A Video

Nowadays, creating a video to best convey messages is the norm. Creating a video with workers, colleges, managers, and other superiors is creative to celebrate one’s retirement.

You can use the following ideas:

  • Create a music video on their favorite song.
  • Record a flash mob.
  • Create videos where people are talking about the achievement of the retirees.

These video ideas are easy to create and have heartwarming messages showing how valuable retirees have been for the organizations.

5. Organise A Flash Mob

Nothing can outperform a flash mob. It is the best and most entertaining way to celebrate one’s retirement. Yes, it takes a lot of work, but the results are quite rewarding.

You can organize the flashmob on the last working day of the retiree. In fact, there is no specific place or time to do so. Pick a time inch you can get a hold of the retiree.


Awarding your company retirees is the best way to show that your organization has valued their effort and wants to appreciate their long-term presence in the organization.

The retirement recognition celebration event not only makes the retirees feel special, but it also demonstrates to all the employees how much the organization values its employees.