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Axe-Throwing, The Sport

Thrill’s finding and thrill craving create the suspense we all experience in horror and some action movies that keep us interested. Once seen only on-screen, these actions have become a business for some and an adventure in partying for others.

What Adventurous Games Are Available?

Have you ever watched ninja warriors? Or even heard of the fame it had and the problematic stages the warriors had to win some price? Such challenging tasks have been made available by Twisted Axes Throw House, for you and your crew to explore in a more friendly and interactive manner. Games such as;

  • Ax throwing
  • Ninja warriors
  • Giant Jenga
  • Corn hole
  • Ax throwing with zombies

These are all exciting endeavors that satisfy the desire for adventure in humans.

Why The Appeal?

There is a famous quote used commonly that “the forbidden fruit is sweeter,” well, this simply means that what sounds forbidden and wrong is what the brain craves most. The idea of throwing an ax is a banned act right from childhood. Some of us have never held one or let alone thrown one. It is a weapon or so viewed, and it is a dangerous one.

Psychology says that the personality of a human being is made up of;

  • The Id
  • The Ego
  • The SuperEgo.

These are Latin terms, although commonly adapted in the English language. In simple terms, the Id is what tells you to do what makes you happy, what pleasures you, the Ego makes you look at what is realistic while the Super-Ego asks you if it is morally right before you do it.

Therefore, it is common sense that given the freedom to choose, any human would want to satisfy the Id. Ax throwing does just that. It allows you to try what has been labeled as harmful and dangerous in a non-judgmental environment where doing it is encouraged.

What Is Axe Throwing?

Just as the name suggests, it is a game where the participants compete in throwing an ax on a wooden board aiming at a bull’s-eye. It is a commercial activity for some i.e.

  • Those who own the sites and ranges where teams pay to participate in the ax-throwing activities and other games go with them.
  • The ax throwers join teams that compete for inter-regionally or even globally, such as the World Axe Throwing League.

Is It Potentially Dangerous?


It is ax throwing, and axes are weapons, sharp blades flowing headed with speed to hit a target. That said, however, precautions are always taken in setting up these games, and supervisors are still available to lead adventure seekers to have fun and avoid injury. The team participating is well educated first on the dangers and safety measures applicable before commencing the game.

Are There Charges?

Sure! It is a business venture to those hosting the players in their site, and there are employees in maintenance and guiding. Different places charge differently for the games. Some of the venues sell beverages and snacks to the teams, acting also as a hung-out joint. Some locations also offer training services to those wishing to join the sport for the very first time.

Who Can Participate?

Any adult person seeking adventure and interested in ax throwing can participate in these activities. The requirements are simple;

  • Be a fun-loving person.
  • Seeking adventure and thrill.
  • Able to follow instructions and take precaution
  • Be an adult of sound mind and free will.

Are There Different Axe Sizes In Case I Can’t Lift A Heavy One?


Ax sizes are different for the different types of participants available. Surely it would be unfair for competition having different sizes of participants to have a standard weighing ax. To some, it would be too easy to lift and throw while to others, and it would not even leave the ground.

For example, in the leagues, since contestants have different body weights, there are two types of axes used.

  • A smaller one which is 0.6 – 0.8kgs.
  • A bigger one which weighs 1 – 1.5kgs.

Ax throwing games are available mostly in the US and some European countries. Since it is a recently discovered sport believed to have emerged in the millennium, it has the potential to spread in many parts of the world and become a global competitive game.

It is time to explore something new and bounce out of your comfort zone. Take up the challenge and throw an ax; after all, it may come in handy as a weapon of war if the Zombie Apocalypse became a reality.