Baby Climbing Gym Set: Train & Enjoy!

As all we know, regular exercise strengthens the body and improves immunity. In addition, children, unlike adults, are very mobile, so they just need to “let off steam” from time to time. The baby climbing gym sets are the perfect choice for parents of active toddlers.

Let’s figure out what the essence of the home training area is and what its advantages are.

Climbing Gym Elements

As a rule, home climbing gyms for kids are created on the basis of Montessori furniture. Such stuff is an indispensable thing if you want your child to develop harmoniously and independently from an early age.

Such sets are suitable for both toddlers and older children who have a lot of energy and desire to explore the world.

Typically, a baby climbing gym includes up to five different elements:

  • Arch — it consists of two wooden semicircles, which are firmly connected by round crossbars. It can serve as sports equipment, as well as a separate playing element.
  • Triangle — it is a piece fitting with a similar function as the arch. However, this element differs in appearance, because it consists of two inclined stairs.
  • Balancing board — it looks like an inverted arch, but the crossbars are very wide (there is approximately no space between them). The board helps the child to learn how to control the body and coordinate movements to achieve balance.
  • Standard climbing ramp — it is an element that can be mounted on an arch or triangle so that the toddler can pretend to be a mountain explorer. Also, parents can connect the arch and triangle with a ramp, creating a semblance of a sports complex.
  • Small climbing ramp — it`s an analog of the standard ramp, which is suitable for the smallest kids.

Montessori Baby Gym`s Benefits

  • Convenience: the set is suitable for children aged 1.5 to 5 years.
  • Safety: as a rule, the baby gym is made from natural materials and painted with hypoallergenic paint, which is harmless to toddlers. In addition, all fitting pieces are devoid of sharp corners or protruding elements.
  • Multi-functionality: the set is appropriate for general entertainment, for simple physical exercises, for developing creativity, etc.

All The Main Precautions

In order for the use of baby climbing gym sets to bring only pleasure and benefit, parents should be aware of the precautions:

  • stay close to the children when they play with these elements;
  • ensure that the baby is engaged in the mini-gym barefoot (so that feet do not slip off the wooden surface);
  • make sure that all elements are stable and securely fastened together if using a combination of ramp + arch, ramp + triangle, arch + ramp + triangle.

And of course, do not forget to check the quality of the products of the selected manufacturer, requesting certificates and checking whether the brand adheres to international standards for the manufacture of children’s furniture.