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Balance your hormones and looks younger than your age

Part of aging problems is encountering certain changes in our body like having little to no life hair, dry skin, and frail nails. Despite that your body has to undergo those changes, still, there are anti-aging regimen that can resolve these body issues. One of the ways is to check what is happening at your hormones. Hormones are responsible for everything that happens inside your body, from the responses of immune system and the process of cellular growth and tissue repair. For remote control vibrating egg, knowing these hormones that bring great attribution to your over-all appearance, can help you to have and maintain your younger-looking skin.

Not only insulin works in your sugar level, but it is also responsible in your skin. Higher and lower levels of insulin can affect your skin’s aging, making it more wrinkling. You can have high insulin whenever you consume more foods that are rich in sugar like pastries, pasta, white rice and carbonated drinks and juices. Getting rid of too much sugar and including protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats in your diet every three to four hours will help you maintain a normal insulin levels. Moreover, some enhancements like chromium or conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) may aid in improving your sensitivity to insulin. Being insulin-sensitive can result in releasing less insulin from your body, making it having a lower insulin levels. Finally, another factor for higher insulin level is sleep deprivation, that is why having adequate hours of sleep can be beneficial to normalizing it.

Stress not only impacts our daily living, but it also has great effect on our skin cells. This is one of the causes of having lifeless, cracked, and baggy skin. Ensuring that our cortisol, or the “stress hormone” is always in good condition like including probiotic-rich foods like yogurt, drinking lots of water, and maintaining a positive mindset can not only make you have a better perspective, but can also help your skin get healthier and look better.

Before a woman reaches her menopausal phase, estrogen is being formed by the ovaries. Moreover, this hormone is produced by her adrenal glands after that phase. If you are always fatigue, having inadequate hours of sleep, irregular eating routine and living a stressful lifestyle, your adrenal glands will surely produce less estrogen. Less estrogen makes your skin thinner resulting in wrinkles since less amounts of collagen and elastin are produced. Estrogen also helps skin stay moist by boosting hyaluronic acid which aids women in having a younger-looking skin since it helps to maintain the skin’s moisture.

Phytoestrogen-rich foods like flaxseed and fermented soy products can help in providing healthier estrogen levels. Moreover, herbal supplements like licorice, red clover or black cohosh are also used to support healthy estrogen levels.

Too much testosterone whether in women or men can cause acne on the face, chest or back. As women age, they can likely to experience an androgen level increase in androgen and decreased estrogen decline in estrogen. Meanwhile, men can encounter the reverse changes, which is an increase in estrogen level and a declined testosterone. Both results a drier skin. For men, a deficiency in testosterone can be solved by herbs such as tribulus terresteris. For women with too much testosterone, saw palmetto supplement can be considered. Also, proper stress management and exercises with weight-bearing routine can reestablish optimum levels for both men and women.

Another hormone that can affect your skin is DHEA or dehydroepiandrosterone. It helps in producing more oil which solves the dry skin problem since it improves the skin’s hydration.  It also increases the collagen production that makes your skin look smoother and fresher. It does not only aid in improving our skin’s physical appearance, but its immunity as well because it helps the better healing process. Since DHEA diminishes as you age, consuming supplements can help, unless there is confirmed deficiency from proper tests conducted. Also, establishing good sleeping habits may improve your DHEA levels.

Produced from an amino acid called tryptophan, our happy hormone melatonin are produced in our skin. So, if you have insufficient protein in your diet, melatonin levels may likely to decrease. Moreover, this hormone has also a part in hair growth and melanoma protection. Melatonin is not only a happy hormone, but also an antioxidant one because it provides protection from UV radiation and helps in restoring seared or injured skin. Regardless if topically applied or consumed internally, it is a great help in safeguarding us from lots of stressors. If you prefer to consume melatonin supplement, an ideal intake should be 1 to 3 mg sublingually at eight to nine in the evening.

Women ages mid to late 30’s may start to experience declined progesterone levels. This is because of the onset of menopausal phase, conditions like PMS, fibrocystic breast disease, infertility, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and even stress. Also, men having conditions in their prostrate can have lower progesterone levels.  This results in a dull looking and luster lacking skin, since this hormone is revitalizing because helps improving the skin’s elasticity and flow. To ensure adequate progesterone levels, usage of evening primrose oil, herbs  like chasteberry, or natural progesterone creams can help. And just like the other mentioned hormones, proper stress management and good sleeping habits is also essential to progesterone.

Growth hormone 
Decrease levels of growth hormones causes your skin in cheeks, chin or above the knees to sag. Using supplements have been used as an option to inverse a person’s aging effects since the presence of growth hormone drops off as a person gets older. Despite of decreasing, this hormone is very important for repairing the skin cells, preventing its saggy look. To maintain the normal production pf growth hormone, you should maintain a good exercise, sleep and nutritional habits. If you fail to do these, you just accelerate your aging process we are literally because it also diminishes your repair hormone.


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