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Bali locals slam tourist who yelled at security during Melasti ceremony in Labuan Sait

Shocking moment an entitled tourist loses it at Bali locals after they blocked off the road for a religious ceremony before they drag him back to his motorbike in a headlock

  • A tourist was filmed yelling at Bali locals

An aggressive tourist was filmed screaming at religious security for trying to redirect him and his girlfriend away from a blocked road in Bali.

Shocking footage shows the tourist and his girlfriend trying to get through the blocked road on a motorbike, despite it being closed off for a Melasti ceremony, a Hindu purification ritual, in Labuan Sait, Bali.

Religious security officers told the couple they needed to go the other way, but according to witness accounts they ‘started getting angry and yelling at the people who were doing the ceremony.’

Footage from the incident shows the security pushing the woman away, as her boyfriend shouts ‘did you touch my girlfriend.’

The situation continued to escalate as more security approached the couple and told them to go another way.

An aggressive tourist (above) was filmed screaming at locals performing a Melasti ceremony

The tourist continued ignoring the security and argued that he’s spent ‘two years in Bali’ before suddenly blowing up again.

He then got off his bike and ran toward one of the security officers further back in the group.

Immediately, he was grabbed by three men who dragged him back to his motorbike.

The short video has been widely shared on social media, with outraged Bali locals slamming the tourists as disrespectful and calling for them to be deported.

‘It was his fault to try to cross during that time! It’s a very important ceremony, and they should have known,’ another said.

‘Wow, they need to learn respect for local culture,’ a second said.

‘Two years in Bali, time to go home,’ another person wrote.

‘This was beyond disrespectful!,’ a third person said.

‘We should deport these people,’ a Bali local said. ‘This is not normal and acceptable.

‘If you go in someone else house and disrespect this person’s place, he will kicked you out of his house. Bali should do the same with all these disrespectful tourists. They don’t understand and respect the beauty of this place and the religion.

Outraged Bali locals slammed the man as 'disrespectful' after he yelled and lunged at security

Outraged Bali locals slammed the man as ‘disrespectful’ after he yelled and lunged at security