Balmoral Beach P-plate car crash: Wild scenes at one of Sydney’s most popular beaches

Balmoral Beach P-plate car crash: Wild scenes at one of Sydney’s most popular beaches

A P-plater has lost control of their vehicle and plunged off a footpath onto one of Sydney’s busiest beaches, narrowly avoiding horrified families.

Balmoral Beach on Sydney’s north shore was packed with Sydneysiders enjoying a lunchtime dip who were forced to flee for their lives after the vehicle veered over an embankment and flipped into the sand roof first at around 1.20pm on Monday.

Photos supplied to Daily Mail Australia show the green Kia SUV upside down on the sand as dozens of stunned beachgoers watch on.

‘Narrowly missed young families enjoying the sun,’ one witness recalled. 

‘We were sunbaking 12 metres away.’ 

Another added: ‘We heard a huge crash, it sounded like a bomb, and then turned to see the car flying through the concrete wall, flipping in the air and landing on its roof in the sand.’

Beachgoers fled for their lives after a red P-plater lost control of their SUV and ended up on the sand

The green SUV flipped upside

The green SUV flipped upside  

‘It was metres from a young family and older couple, everyone was screaming. 

A topless man ran from the surf to the driver’s side door and opened it. I’m honestly not sure if he helped someone out out or not, it was a blur, total chaos. Everyone thought someone could be underneath it, thank god they weren’t. They’d have died instantly’ 

The occupants of the vehicle were able to get out of the wreckage uninjured with the assistance from beachgoers.

There currently being treated by paramedics at the scene for shock.

No bystanders were injured. 

Police remain at the scene and the car is expected to be towed away.