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Bannon channels Ivanka to go after establishment enemies

Steve Bannon channeled Ivanka Trump as he knocked establishment enemies at a rally supporting Alabama Senate hopeful Roy Moore Monday evening. 

‘Mitch McConnell and Senator Shelby, and Condi Rice and all that, Little Bobby Corker, all the establishment out there, all that establishment every day, that doesn’t have Trump’s back at all,’ Bannon said, listing members of the Republican Party who wouldn’t back Moore. 

‘There’s a special place in hell for Republicans who should know better,’ Bannon said. 

Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon went after his establishment enemies on Monday night, as many of them didn’t back GOP Senate hopeful Roy Moore – who was accused of preying on teenage girls 

Steve Bannon used similar phrasing to how Ivanka Trump condemned Roy Moore, who Bannon was campaigning for. Ivanka said, 'There's a special place in hell for people who prey on children,' 

Steve Bannon used similar phrasing to how Ivanka Trump condemned Roy Moore, who Bannon was campaigning for. Ivanka said, ‘There’s a special place in hell for people who prey on children,’ 

Bannon’s phrasing had a similar ring to what Ivanka Trump said when she heard the teen predator allegations against Moore, which has tripped up the Republican’s Senate bid in the bright red state ever since.

‘There’s a special place in hell for in hell for people who prey on children,’ the first daughter, and a top adviser to the president, said then.

Bannon was brought in Monday night as one of many opening acts for the final bow Moore would take before voters had to the polls on Tuesday. 

He used his time, mainly, to talk up the Trump agenda, with the suggestion that Moore comfortably sitting in the Senate would help the president get more things done. 

‘I love doing barn rallies in Alabama,’ a delighted Bannon said as he got onstage. 

The venue was a barn used for weddings, not for livestock, with large crystal chandeliers hanging from the vaulted ceilings. Outside organizers had built a fake ‘swamp,’ which they loaded with plastic creatures like alligators and frogs.   

 ‘It’s an up or down vote tomorrow,’ Bannon said. ‘Between the Trump miracle and the nullification project.’  

Bannon gave Trump full credit for the strong economy as the crowd cheered him on.

‘Look at what economic nationalism has done,’ Bannon said. 

Throughout his nearly 30 minute speech he used some of Trump’s oldies, but goodies and outlined who the crowd shouldn’t like. 

‘Lock her up!’ he said at one point, a rallying cry used against the president’s 2016 Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.   

 ‘Sen. Sessions are you listening?’ Bannon asked.

It’s the Senate seat that Sessions, now the attorney general, gave up that Moore and Democrat Doug Jones are now vying for. 

Beyond Clinton, Bannon went after a number of members of his own party, expressing resentment that they butted in to the Alabama race. 

‘This should be an absolute blow-out except for what they did to Judge Moore,’ Bannon said of his fellow Republicans. ‘They couldn’t stand being beaten in the first round.’ 

The candidate of choice for Mitch McConnell-aligned Republicans was Sen. Luther Strange, appointed to take the Senate seat of now Attorney Jeff Sessions.  

Moore, however, bested Strange in the September primary by about 10 points. 

Since then, despite allegations against Moore from women who say he preyed on them as teens, President Trump has endorsed him. 

Other Republicans have spoken out or stayed away from the race, with Shelby, the state’s other Republican senator, stating Sunday that he had turned in a write-in vote, as he couldn’t place his support behind Moore. 

Condoleezza Rice, George W. Bush’s secretary of state and a native Alabaman, said that she understood the state needed ‘an independent voice in Washington.’ 

‘But we must also insist that our representatives are dignified, decent, and respectful of the values we hold dear,’ she said.   

Bannon warned that these Republicans weren’t listening to Alabama voters. 

‘They’re trying to shut you up,’ he said. 

The former White House chief strategist also had a bigger warning, for President Trump.  

‘What they want him for is that corporate tax cut, that’s all they want him for,’ Bannon said the establishment wanted from the current Oval Office occupant. 

‘As soon as they get that tax cut, watch what happens,’ the former White House official warned.