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Barnaby Joyce vows to defend his seat after MPs called for him to quit politics following interview

Barnaby Joyce has announced his plan to recontest for his former New South Wales seat of New England. 

The former Nationals leader revealed his intention to once again stand in the seat Tuesday morning, Sky News reported. 

‘Of course I am running again, the first people I would tell if I wasn’t would be the electorate,’ Mr Joyce said. 

‘I’m still working for New England, I’m having meetings in the electorate today. I’ve got cattle work this afternoon.’ 

Barnaby Joyce (pictured with Vikki Campion and their son, Sebastian) has announced his plan to recontest for his former seat of New England

His announcement followed a Sunday Night interview for which he and his former staffer Vikki Campion reportedly accepted $150,000.  

Mr Joyce stepped down as Deputy Prime Minister after details of his affair with Ms Campion became public.

She gave birth to the couple’s son Sebastian in May, with the funds from the exclusive interview to be placed into his trust fund.

The interview was much-maligned for not addressing important questions including whether or not the couple used public money while carrying out their secret relationship or if Mr Joyce helped Ms Campion get a lucrative job working for the Nationals.