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Baseball Cleats Buying Guide – Top Baseball Equipment Review

Like it or not your footwear influences all aspects of your game regardless of what sport you play. This is vastly because your ease of movement is determined by the type of shoes you have on and whether they are comfortable or not. Baseball cleats are particularly influential on how well you will play your baseball game. Getting the perfect pair of cleats for you is therefore very paramount and reading baseball reviews is key. Cleats vary in the type of material they are made of; the kind of ankle support they offer and the position of the game they are best suited for.

Just like any other purchase, the purchase of baseball cleats attracts several considerations in order to pick a pair that is just right for you. The following are some of those considerations.

Ankle support

There are generally three categories of cleats in terms of ankle support. These are high top, mid top, and low top cleats. For extra ankle support, high top cleats do the trick. Low tops are suitable where speed is the priority whereas mid tops are suitable for the promotion of easy movement and moderate support for your ankles.


Cleats are either made out of leather that is genuine or synthetic. Genuine leather is expensive but more durable and comfortable. Synthetic leather, on the other hand, is of lower quality compared to genuine leather and is more affordable.

Types of cleats

The types of cleats available in the market are metal cleats, turf or trainer cleats, and molded plastic cleats. Metal cleats are the best when it comes to fields whose surface is hard dirt or grass since they offer a firm grip required to either take off or slow down. These cleats are however very expensive and not suitable for surfaces that are soft or muddy or those that are too hard like concrete. Plastic cleats, on the other hand, can be worn on most surfaces and are more affordable than the metal ones. Turf cleats are mainly meant for training areas which are mostly not fields.

The nature of the surface you will be playing at is therefore very important in determining the type of cleats you will need. Money is also a very important determinant.

The position you are playing

The role you play in the game also dictates the type of cleats that you will require so as to ensure that you are not only comfortable but flexible as well. It is therefore important that you check out the various cleats that are available for outfielders, infielders, and pitchers and pick out a pair that beat suits the position that you play in.

The size of the cleat

You should make sure that you select the proper size of your cleat for maximum comfort. It is wise to pick cleats that perfectly fit you, and this is to get rid of any chance of them being loose on the field.

Cleat regulations

When making your purchase of your pair of cleats ensure that you have first checked out with your league just in case, there are any regulations concerning which cleats are to be used and which ones are not to be used under that particular league.