Bathroom Updates That Cost Less Than $500

Hardware Makeover

As property owners, we often forget just how much of an impact the hardware around our house can make on the overall design. Hanging on to hardware with outdated metal finishes can bring down the whole style of the home in a heartbeat.

The good news is that it’s highly affordable to switch out all the hardware and metal pieces in your bathroom without breaking the bank. For just a few hundred dollars you can replace door handles, hinges, drawer pulls, towel hooks and bars, shower rods, hand towel rings, toilet paper rods and more. And because you can likely replace the old pieces yourself, you’ll save a ton on labor costs.

Tub Reglazing

Has your bathtub started peeling, chipping or showing rust marks and stains? Believe it or not, you don’t have to resort to spending thousands of dollars to remodel that part of your bathroom.

Paying for a new tub costs far more than just the soaker. There are costs related to removing the unit, re-prepping the entire area properly to prevent mold and leaks, renting a dumpster to dispose of the old fixture, delivery of the tub and, finally, installation of the new soaker. The investment adds up quick!

Luckly, you have other options. Did you know that there is actually a commercial process for restoring your bathtub like new, without replacing it? It’s called tub reglazing and, typically for less than $500, you can hire professionals to come to your home and do this for you.

The way it works is that the tub is first repaired to deal with scratches, minor dents and other imperfections. Then, the surface of the tub is lightly wet sanded and treated with a mild acid to allow the coating product to stick for good. Lastly, a commercial-grade glaze is applied evenly to the surface.

Obviously, the cost of this service will vary depending upon your location, but for most regions in the U.S., you can have your bathtub resurfaced for $500 or less.


Painting is one of the easiest things for a homeowner to take on themselves, if they have the time and energy to do it. It’s a very basic project to paint your walls and ceilings, but the impact is huge.

Not only will a fresh coat of paint make your walls look newer, it can also highlight your style and set the mood for the bathroom. Whether you prefer bright, bold colors or soft, peaceful hues, changing the colors in your bath will bring new life to the whole room for typically less than $100-$200.

Vanity Refinishing

Buying a brand new vanity, when you consider the cost of the base cabinet unit plus the countertop plus the sinks, can be pretty expensive. At minimum, a new vanity, without the cost of installation and delivery, will run a couple thousand dollars for the lowest tier products.

But if your existing bathroom vanity is in pretty good shape, you can actually refinish it yourself! You can choose to apply a natural wood stain or paint it in a fresh, stylish color. The end result is a new-looking vanity for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Wall Hangings

Anything hanging on your bathroom walls is roughly eye level for whomever walks through the door and will be the first thing they see…even you! It’s your bathroom’s first impression. If you want your bath to express your style or, at minimum, have guests and residents feeling calm, relaxed and happy when they step into the bathroom, make sure your wall decor fits the bill.

You can quickly and affordably change mirrors, paintings, picture frames and shelving for less than $500 if you handle the installation yourself. Plus, if you’re into home improvement, this task will probably be a blast because it involves shopping for accessories in your style and taste.

A dated bathroom doesn’t require thousands of dollars to update. Use any of these tips to refresh your bath over a weekend on a modest budget.