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BEAUTY CLINIC: Beauty first aid for a new mum

 Jo and Sarah answer real questions from readers: to put your query, go 

Q I’m a new mum and after five months of coping with the chaos of newborns I look in the mirror and see a puffy eyed, dehydrated, pasty-looking lady looking back. My first port of call is my tired looking, wrinkly eyes. Can you suggest something?

A Firstly, many congratulations on your babies and of course beauty takes a back seat. But, as you say in your longer email, getting back control of your skincare regime can help you regain your self-confidence and put the spring back in your step.

Our Beauty Bible testers were very keen on Senspa Wonder Eye Cream, which comes in at the good value price of £11.99 for 15 ml at (since babies are expensive little creatures we thought you’d appreciate a Beauty Steal). 

While not claiming to be totally natural, it does contain a bunch of botanicals and all Senspa’s products are free from animal ingredients, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate and mineral oil.

This is targeted at puffiness and loss of firmness and ‘all visible signs of ageing around the eyes’. According to one tester, she could actually feel it working: ‘instant tightening and definitely reduced puffiness quickly. I grew to love this product,’ she says.

Another tester, who used a tiny amount day and night as they advise, preferred it to her previous high end brand. ‘I particularly liked the way it soothed puffiness and after a late night I double layered it like an eye mask to great effect! My new favourite eye product!’

Finally, don’t forget, as one tester nudges us to say, that drinking more water in conjunction with a good product can help reduce puffiness (as well as helping pretty well everything else…). She also noticed a reduction in her dark circles.

Beauty Bible loves… This Works Supersized Sleep Solutions, from £21-80. We just love it when products that we power through are launched in bigger bottles.

And since our night-time arsenal comprises pretty much everything in the This Works Sleep Solutions range, we’ll be feng shui-ing the bedside table (and the bath-side shelf) to make room for more generous sizes of some truly amazing, zzzz-inducing products. Take it from us (and from just about anyone we’ve ever gifted this extraordinary, clinically-proven range to): the blend of camomile, vetiver and lavender really, really does work.

So: just in time for the duvet season and the clocks going back (sob) come ultra-generous versions of Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, Sleep Plus Pillow Spray, Deep Sleep Shower Gel and Deep Sleep Bath Soak (plus Super Sleep, a clever two-in-one pillow spray gizmo containing both Deep Sleep and Sleep Plus pillow sprays).

There’s also now a three-wick Deep Sleep Heavenly Candle.

Bedsocks to the fore, dear readers… 

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