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BEAUTY CLINIC: Can you recommend good vegan perfumes?

BEAUTY CLINIC: Can you recommend good vegan perfumes?

Jo and Sarah answer real questions from readers: to put your query, go to

Q. My daughter is getting married in June. The food we’re serving is vegan – and she’d like to wear a vegan perfume on her big day. Any suggestions?

A. Just to explain, here: the animal derivatives that still feature in many perfumes include honey, milk, ambergris and civet – all of which are off the menu for vegans. The good news? That there are absolutely no compromises required when it comes to buying and wearing vegan perfumes.

Wearing her hat as co-founder of The Perfume Society, Beauty Bible’s Jo (Fairley) makes these suggestions for your daughter. The first brand to point her in the direction of is Floral Street, who are reinventing florals in a very exciting way. They proudly claim to use ‘no ADIs’ (animal-derived ingredients) in their portfolio of scents. Particularly wedding-perfect, Jo suggests, is Wonderland Peony, which is a gorgeous sweet floral. Or perhaps Neon Rose (rose being traditional, for weddings), which they describe as ‘like freshly-chopped jasmine and roses.’ £58 for 50ml – buy here.

You might also like to check out Prosody London, a new luxury perfume brand that’s sustainable, ethical and organic. With a gloriously wedding-y mood is Rose Rondeaux; this has a rosy heart and plenty of warmth in the lingering sandalwood and patchouli base. Neroli Nuance takes white floral notes of orange blossom – again, with a strong link to weddings (Queen Victoria wore an orange blossom crown when she married Prince Albert), creating a super-elegant, summery blend that incorporates other floral and woody notes. These fragrances are priced from £36 for 10ml (a small size – buy here – but more than enough for a wedding and/or to tell whether you want to spring for the larger bottle. Which is always lovely, as a keepsake.)

One last suggestion is the fragrance portfolio of Le Labo, a new-ish-to-the-UK brand landed here from New York, which proudly state that ‘We believe it is more humane to test cosmetics on New Yorkers than animals’, and whose range is animal-friendly. They’ve a wide range of fragrances (which you can smell in-store at Liberty or their own boutique on Soho’s Beak Street), but again, we’d suggest Neroli 36 or Rose 31. Or if your daughter prefers something fresh and non-floral, the ultra-cool Thé Noir, perhaps? As a bit of a novelty, they’ll actually mix the fragrances before your very eyes. From £57 for 15ml – buy here.

We hope you all have a wonderful, fragrant – and animal-friendly – day.


Simple Minis

We honestly couldn’t count how often we’ve recommended Simple skincare to people. To sensitive-skinned women and men, whose complexions have been overloaded. To people on medication which has made their skin touchy. And very often to teenagers embarking on their skincare journey for the first time – because while they may be tempted to reach for paint-stripper-eseque products, that’s the worst thing for young skins, which instead need to be balanced with lots of TLC).

Simple Minnies are absolutely brilliant for travel and compared to other 50ml products, contain 62% less plastic

So we’re really taken with these very adorably packaged, super-affordable pouches, which act as a perfect introduction to their hero products – Cleansing Water, Moisturising Facial Wash, Refreshing Facial Wash, Eye Make-up Remover, Hydrating Light Moisturiser and Protecting Light Moisturiser (not photographed above, but it features an SPF15).

They’re absolutely brilliant for travel and compared to other 50ml products, contain 62% less plastic. What we also very much applaud is that because they’re squishable, you can squeeze every last atom of product out of the container at the end of its life (and even scissor the packaging open easily, for that final smoosh).

Small wonders, in every way.

£1.99 each for 50ml – buy here



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