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BEAUTY CLINIC: Easing tired, dry feet

BEAUTY CLINIC: Easing tired, dry feet

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Q My job involves a lot of standing and my feet tend to ache and are very dry. Can you suggest something to help?

A Coincidence this: we were talking to skincare expert Deborah Mitchell the other day and she mentioned that ‘papery-dry feet’ were a symptom of dehydration. So – it’s essential to increase your intake of still cool water every day and especially during this heat wave. A good amount to aim for is at least 1.5 litres.

London Transport actually has notices at every underground station advising people to carry water with them, which is a wise measure for all of us. Plastic bottles aren’t a good choice for lots of reasons – environmental as they add to plastic in rivers and oceans, or go to landfill, and health-related as some bottles release carcinogenic chemicals when they get hot.

We suggest investing in a reusable glass or stainless steel water bottle: there are lots available online, including Bobble Carry Cap Water Bottle, £8.75 for a 550ml bottle from Amazon, which has a replaceable charcoal filter for tap water.  

Meanwhile, two suggestions for easing your feet. Our Beauty Bible tester panels praised Kneipp Foot Bath Crystals with calendula and rosemary, which come from the renowned naturopathic brand founded 124 years ago. One tester said ‘My feet were tired and aching after walking on hard pavements and I found it was really lovely to sit with them in a hot bowl of this fragrant mixture. I would recommend it to anyone with tired feet at the end of a working day’. Another reported that her pedicurist said it made her feet very smooth. BTW: it’s pronounced Neep – several testers said they would buy it if they only knew how to pronounce it… And it’s a real beauty steal at £8.95 for 500 g from 

Do also lavish a moisturising product on your feet to keep them supple. The best value we have found recently is CeraVe Moisturizing Cream for dry to very dry skin, from an American brand developed with dermatologistis, £14.50 for 454 g. 

For a real feet treat, splurge on Beauty Bible Gold Award winner Sole Balm by Temple Spa, £19 for 100 ml, a rich cream which several testers gave 10/10. As well as reviving tired feet, the brand recommend giving them an intensive conditioning treatment, slathered on at night then topped with little cotton socks. 

One tester reported that her feet ‘were so refreshed they felt brand new! It promises to deeply nourish and treat cracked heels and dry skin. It did all of this. Full marks.’

Beauty Bible loves… Charlotte Tilbury Travel Minis, £8-39. It’s official: all the best things really do come in small, security-friendly packages. If you’re a fan of Charlotte Tilbury, that is. (And you are, aren’t you?)

You can now get your hands on downsized versions of some of her bestselling products: Goddess Skin Clay Mask, Magic Cream and Magic Night Cream, Wonderglow, Multi-Miracle Glow and Take It All Off.

You can now get your hands on downsized versions of some of Charlotte Tilbury’s bestselling products

Sizes are generous enough to get you through a fortnight away. Not cheap – this range never was – but actually, these sizes are also a great way to experience the skincare if you haven’t been sure about springing for a full size.

Ironically, we know our friend Charlotte to be utterly incapable of travelling light. Happily, that doesn’t stop her sparing a thought for the rest of us.