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BEAUTY CLINIC: Is there a waterproof BB cream?

BEAUTY CLINIC: Is there a waterproof BB cream?

 Jo and Sarah answer real questions from readers: to put your query, go to  

Q Can you recommend a waterproof foundation/primer/BB cream – anything really that I could use to even out my skin on holiday? I have red blotchy cheeks and acne scars and don’t feel comfortable with a naked face.

A To be honest, we haven’t found a truly waterproof primer or BB cream that performs well all round. (They may exist but they haven’t landed on our desks.) If you can make do with a product that will probably need a bit of touching up when you emerge from the surf/swimming pool or after a vigorous game of beach volley ball, we would suggest looking at bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream, which has an SPF30. This gives lovely colour, with a bit of coverage (enough to even out blotchiness if it isn’t too pronounced) and comes in 16 colours, £28 for 35 ml, but currently on special offer online at Debenhams for £21. 

We also love the Erborian BB Cream, £36 for 45 ml, in four shades that adapt to your own shade. It is featherlight but does create a more even texture and makes skin look wonderfully soft – what this Korean/French brand (which we are big fans of) calls ‘the baby skin effect’. 

If you are considering a foundation proper, then MAC Pro Longer Nourish Waterproof Foundation, £27.50, is the ticket. In 24 shades, you can also use it as a concealer – so you could put a lighter product underneath and target this where you need it. 

To reduce shine on humid evenings, you could swoosh on Inika’s wonderful Baked Mineral Bronzer, in two shades Sunkissed and (much darker) Deep Bronze, £33. It’s a gorgeous finishing touch over whatever you choose underneath. 

Have a gorgeous holiday.

Beauty Bible loves… Sea Magik Activated Charcoal Salts, £8.99 for 1 kg. (Dead) Sea Magik have been around – well, for forever (or at least as long as we’ve been working in beauty. And that’s ages.) But with a brand new collection of salt-based products, Sea Magik (as they’re now known) have taken a giant leap forward – and onto the shelf beside our baths.

Of course, bath salts – having been something your granny swore by – have swung seriously back into fashion in the last few years. But this collection – which we first encountered at 2018’s Natural and Organic Products Expo – offers all sorts of exciting options.

Bath salts – having been something your granny swore by – have swung seriously back into fashion in the last few years

Alongside the original Dead Sea Spa Salts there are now some really interesting additions to the line-up – Magnesium Spa Flakes (as regular readers know, we’re huge devotees of magnesium flakes), pink-tinged Himalayan Spa Salts, Epsom Spa Salts (again, good for tired, aching muscles), and our definite favourite, Activated Charcoal Salts.

The reason we’re drawn to this, in particular, is that (so far) it’s Sea Magik’s only fragranced bath salts product – a potent, nose-clearing, sense-awakening blend of rosemary and eucalyptus. (We will SO have this on hand for next time we’re stricken with the sniffles.)

There are others to come, we’re told – watch this space for Rose & Pink Clay, Turmeric & Ginger, Moringa & Seaweed, Pine Tree & Cranberry.

So if you didn’t think it was possible to get excited about something as simple as bath salts, prepare to be blown out of the (salty) water.