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BEAUTY THERAPY: Miracles in a bottle 

BEAUTY THERAPY: Miracles in a bottle

Can a beauty product bring you luck?  Absolutely, say these style insiders…

Beauty assistant: Alice Robertson

We all have that special beauty product – the one we reach for when we really want the magic to happen; the one that makes us feel the universe is on our side. I found mine many moons ago when a handsome Australian was falling in love with me, and I with him. Amid his many love letters he told me that what really got his pulse racing was the scent of my skin – which in actual fact was all down to my Clarins Moisture-Rich Body Lotion (£32 for 200ml, Of course, after that I slathered it on with abandon. Our romance did not have a happy ending but to this day, for me, this smell says passion and I feel special whenever I wear it.

Here more women in the beauty know reveal their own magical ‘ones’ and the reasons why these products have such a big hold over them.

Ruby Hammer, Make-up Artist

Aesop Marrakech Intense Eau de Toilette This has an amazing touch of the exotic. I’ve never really had a signature fragrance, but whenever I hug someone I care about or come close to anyone, they always remark on how divine I smell – so I think this could be it. £65 for 50ml,

Jo Elvin, You Editor

Philosophy Amazing Grace Eau de Toilette I have to really be in the mood to wear it because I get stopped several times a day when I do – by men, women, taxi drivers, café staff – complimenting me on it and asking me what it is. Even the guy who used to run my dry-cleaners waited until his last day and said, ‘I’ve been wanting to ask you for two years.’ Phenomenal. £35 for 60ml,

Justine Jenkins, Make-up Artist

Code Beautiful Lid Lift Enhance It’s a vegan concealer, primer and brightener in one. The compliments I receive about looking fresher and brighter give me a real boost and put a spring in my step. This in turn creates more positive energy around how I feel, and that’s when magical things happen. How we view ourselves is so key to positivity, and that’s the power of make-up. £22,

Liz Jones, You Columnist

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer It hides all imperfections and makes my skin dewy. Add foundation or tinted moisturiser on top. It’s like underwear for your face. A primer really is an unsung hero and much less obvious than a concealer, which can look stripy. I first wore it after a make-up artist told me it’s what the stars wear on the red carpet. At my friend’s 60th birthday dinner everyone thought I’d had a second face-lift! £49 for 30ml,

Sabrina Elba, Actress

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Walk of Shame. This keeps my lips hydrated and plump while still giving me a matte finish, which I love. I discovered the shade after borrowing it from a friend on an evening out and was pleasantly surprised when it lasted all night. £25,

Elizabeth Day, You Columnist

Benefit Watt’s Up! Highlighter I love this product, which comes as a handy stick and means I can take it on any flight without worrying about liquid restrictions. A quick stroke of it on each cheekbone makes my face instantly glowier. I wear it every day and I amp it up for special events. I was wearing it when I met my boyfriend, launched my latest book and for my 40th birthday party. I was introduced to it by a very convincing guy working behind the Benefit beauty counter in Cambridge – he was so enthusiastic that I thought it would be rude not to buy it. Now I’d feel bereft without it. £27,

Lisa Snowdon, TV and Radio Presenter

Byredo Rose Noir Eau de Parfum This sensual, ultra-feminine fragrance makes me feel uplifted, empowered and a little bit naughty and I always get so many positive comments when I wear it, which is a confidence booster. Its scent has a big impact on my mood, day or night, as it’s the perfect blend of rose as well as something a little more mysterious. I was introduced to it by a friend on my 40th birthday – a bold move as I believe perfume is a very personal preference. But luckily it paid off as I fell head over heels in love with the subtle, delicate yet very sexy scent. My fiancé George always makes sure it’s under the tree for me at Christmas. £115 for 50ml,



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