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Beauty Therapy: Why cleansing is crucial 

Beauty Therapy: Why cleansing is crucial 

It’s a nonstop beauty job. Strictly speaking, even our hair should be washed every day. Anabel Kingsley of Philip Kingsley (he was her father) told me so recently. And I believe her, with her calm, comforting and totally authoritative manner. Still, I can’t face it. Getting dressed with wet hair, drying hair, attempting to style hair, is so time-consuming. My face, of course, is another matter.

Bar the odd evening of over-carousing – resulting in a neglected night-time routine and mascara smudges on pillows greeting me the next morning – cleansing is the first step of skincare. Without a good clean base, any creams that you’re using won’t work to their optimum. You want no dirt between them and your epidermis.

I have written of my deep devotion to Votary’s Rose, Geranium and Apricot Cleansing Oil (£45, and it hasn’t waned. But I do enjoy mixing up cleanser textures depending on mood, weather and how much dirt or make-up busting they need to do. And there are a few new launches I seriously want to rave about.

You want no dirt between your creams and your epidermis

L’Officine Universelle Buly, the retro-chic French brand, has created True Ionized Cleansing Water 1 (£39, available in store at Selfridges nationwide). While it is similar to a micellar water, it contains trace elements including silver (for purification) and gold (radiance). But it’s super gentle on your skin and leaves skin feeling fresh. I really rate it.

I’m a real lover of classic cold cream (though was disappointed when Pond’s switched to plastic pots rather than its traditional white glass). LA-based facialist Kate Somerville has brought out her version of a Cold Cream Cleanser (£41, It’s more of a light-whipped texture than the rich formula we all know, but it’s a treat to rub in. I use it when I need a cleanser to do some heavy-ish lifting.

An update of a beauty great, the Elemis Pro-Collagen Rose Cleansing Balm (£68, is a limited-edition 200g pot designed by Lily and Lionel in aid of Breast Cancer Care. But don’t stress (it’s bad for your skin for starters) if you can’t get hold of one. Next January it will become a permanent part of the range, although in a smaller size. It’s a great option for when I want a deep cleanse and have time for some facial massage. If you’re not sure of movements, check out facialist Nichola Joss on Instagram (@nicholajoss) for good how-to videos.

Sanctuary Spa Moisture Burst Face Wash (£8, is also a winner – and it’s under a tenner. A gel formula that’s refreshing to use, it has been especially welcome this summer.



Current make-up obsession

The new Hourglass Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadow (£26, It’s a creamy glitter that is easy to rub on to lids. A first application gives a wash of colour, but even if you keep building (and beware of a bit of glitter drop on your cheeks the longer you play with it), it looks chic rather than groovy. I normally stay away from glitter – it can be so ageing. But there’s something about my favourite shade Aura – a gentle pink – that makes my green eyes pop.



Keep your cool…

by storing David Mallet cucumber water – officially Fresh Eau de Concombre (£32, – in the fridge for extra chill factor. A blend of water, cucumber, silica and hyaluronic acid, this can be spritzed on hair and face to keep both hydrated.