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Bedding Layer with the Best Sleeping Experience

Bedding Layer with the Best Sleeping Experience

Well, have you ever thought of how a stylist can make his bed look amazing and stunning? They have secret tips and tricks, and nothing can ever beat a well-made bed. What’s even amazing is when your bed is professionally made since you won’t need a maid or interior decorator to give it a flawless look you desire in your dreams.

The secret to making your bed more appealing and comfortable is by decorating it layer by layer. Versatile bedding optimizes your comfort regardless of when you prefer to burrow or sleep warm. So, what should you include in your bedding?

Bedroom Layer Décor

When you look at the bedrooms in popular magazines and catalogs, you usually get a picture of comfort. They are luxurious, plush and they employ a secret, which many people don’t know; this is layering. Sheets, quilts, throws, pillows, and blankets, give it this amazing look, but it can be hard to have these items, especially when you have kids and pets in your home. But there is a solution for you, and that is starting with some white bedding. Using clean white sheets, you will maintain a crispy look in your home, and a white duvet will help you match these layers regardless of the season or weather.

According to Donna Garlough, the styling director of Joss&Main shopping site, adorning your bed in white linens in summer will make it lovelier. He adds that autumn means you should use more cozy materials such as plush quilts, thick blankets, and pillow throws. However, this doesn’t mean purchasing new bedding to suit the seasons. Instead, using white sheets, you will have the best base layer for your loft bed. And if you want to give your loft bed the best look and more comfort, then it’s time to start layering by following the steps below:

1. Add color

The first and most important step in bed layering is adding some colors. A mid-weight and straightforward knit blanket gives more warmth to your sheets and will also bring some new innovative colors. You can choose creamy ivory or earthy tape during fall but if you want a more dramatic tone, then go for the moody or charcoal navy.

And if it’s summer, then add a duvet to increase the warmth, but if it’s summer, then a throw blanket that matches the bed’s colors and texture will bring the needed dose of style and décor. Also, get some two decorative pillows to spruce up the color. It’s advisable to choose two different colors which match easily with each other. You can use these pillows throughout the year or purchase additional ones for replacement during the other seasons.

2. Choose the Best Sheets

Bedsheets are an important component of your bed, and they make the difference between a comfortable sleep and one which involves a lot of turning and tossing. So, what are the best sheets for your bed? Your preferences and budget will play a key role in your choices.

For starters, bedsheets vary in style, texture, and warmth. If you are the type that kicks off the sheets in bed, then go for cool cotton sheets, but if you love sleeping inside covered in your sheet, then a super soft sheet is your perfect choice. Note that it’s easy to find the perfect bed sheet for your needs.

3. Get a Dust and Mite-proof Mattress Protector

The mattress protector is an important component of your bed layering. Mattresses degrade in their quality over time due to sweat, dead skin cells, and dust mite’s accumulation. Therefore, the best way to protect it using this product for protection against dust, dead skin cells, and sweat.

Get a mattress protector that matches your mattress height. Usually, they are available in 3”. 9”, 12” and other sizes. But you can also purchase a multi-height mattress protector that can fit into any mattress size. After purchasing it, ensure it’s always on the mattress as it will help it to last longer. And if your mattress is older, then still put the protector for it to enjoy maximum protection.

4. Choose the Best Comforter 

Your bed will be incomplete without having a “duvet insert” or a “fluffy comforter.” There are different sizes, fills, and warmth levels of comforters. Depending on your needs, get any comforter to give your bed that cozy characteristic.

5. Pillows

Choosing a pillow is one of the most daunting tasks since people have different needs and requirements. While you may prefer a contoured pillow, another person may love a down pillow. Anyone with back pain will find the contoured pillow the best option, while stomach sleepers will best go with a down pillow.

The best thing to do is find your needs and choose a pillow that works to solve those needs. Many pillow companies have tailored their pillows to fit different sleepers; the firm mattresses are for side sleepers, while the softest is for stomach sleepers. Back sleepers also have the best pillow in the medium-hard, making it easy to choose the best pillow.

On the other hand, if you have a bed with different sleepers, then a medium-firm pillow will be the best choice when the guests dislike down pillows. Most pillows in the market have accompanying storage bags.

6. Have Fun

Once you choose the best materials for your layered bed, it’s time to add the flair. Give yourself some good space to get familiar with the design. You will want a bed that looks the best so that you can jump in anytime you want to.


Making your bedroom the epitome of comfort and elegance is easier with bed layering. Bed layering enables you to design every aspect of your bed to perfection and suit your personal preferences. In the end, you will have a plus and luxurious bedroom that features the blankets, duvets, pillows, throws, and quilts that are well-arranged and fitted in the room. Your room will have a sumptuous look, and you don’t need to buy all these items depending on your personal needs and space considerations.