Before you enjoy Montenegro

Montenegro is one of the most largest and oldest European states facing the Arabian Sea. It is a very beautiful Mediterranean-like country with over thousands of tourists visiting and vacationing every single year!

It may only be populated with a little over 600,000 residents but the variety of culture and heritage that resides here takes everyone by surprise! Montenegro is full of Illyrian, Turkish, Slav, Byzantine, Muslim, and Christian communities that all cultivate and merge together leaving along a path of great history. There are over thousands of historic attractions and miles of ancient Mediterranean architecture throughout this country and within the small communities. This instantly puts Montenegro on top for tourism based on lots of their valuable and legendary monuments.

Throughout this graceful land, there are five overall top places every tourist needs to visit before leaving Montenegro!

Kotor is exquisitely breath-taking from the unbelievable Boka Kotorska Bay to all the twists and turns from the ancient town. It has ultimately been rated Number One by Travel City since 2016 for tourists because of the sweet old town and what it has to offer. There are many car rental companies here because many people are known for driving through the town and admiring the culture and all that nature has to offer!

Budva is the second highest rated place to visit in Montenegro because of their high-quality hotels, apartments, and tourists attractions. Budva also lies along the wondrous Montenegrin coast which offers incredible beaches and beautiful weather for outdoor activities.

Sveti Stefan or St. Stephen is only a short 15 minute drive from Budva and is another great place to stop by and explore while your here! Many famous celebrities and even Queen Elizabeth II has also made Sveti Stefan one of their favorites vacationing destinations.

Perast is another stunning destination spot throughout Montenegro. It holds many of their largest and oldest attractions like Our Lady of the Rock island. Tourists are able to take small boats up to the island for special tours and exploring. Perast is also surrounded by large mountains along the coast that exhibit tons of natural beauty!

Lake Skadar is final on the list because this large lake runs through multiple valleys. There are numerous back roads to take through tunnels, valleys, and mountains to explore the beautiful outdoors of Montenegro!

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