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Below Deck star Ross Inia arrested in Florida for ‘punching an officer’ drinking with Joao Franco

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Below Deck star Ross Inia is arrested in Florida for ‘punching a police officer and then threatening his family after the cop tried to break up a fight following a night of drinking with a fellow cast member’

  • Bravo’s Below Deck star, Ross Inia, was arrested in West Palm Beach, Florida for allegedly punching an officer who was trying to break up a fight 
  • Inia had also threatened the officer and his family, and made similar threats to a second officer
  • He also taunted the cops telling them ‘they messed with the wrong one’ 
  • The police report says Inia had a strong smell of alcohol coming from his breath 
  • Inia was charged with disorderly conduct and battery on a police officer
  • The star was seen in now deleted social media posts drinking with his fellow cast member, Joao Franco, who later gave fans updates on the arrest 
  • Inia’s arrest is quite similar to fellow Bravo star, LuAnn de Lesseps arrest on Christmas Eve of last year in nearby Palm Beach
  • De Lesseps threatened to kill the police officer during her 2017 arrest 

Ross Inia, a cast member on the Bravo reality show Below Deck, was arrested in Florida for disorderly conduct and battery on a police officer when the cop tried to break up a fight. 

According to the police report, the reality star who is from New Zealand, punched an officer who was trying to break up an altercation involving Inia and two other men on Saturday at 12.43am at Duffy’s Sports Grill, in West Palm Beach. 

According to the police report, obtained by, Inia punched the officer in his head and shoulder with a closed fist and then threatened the officer and his family multiple times. 

The police say they noticed a strong smell of alcohol on his breath and that Inia made similar threats to a second officer and his family as he was writing the police report up. 


Star of Bravo’s reality show Below Deck, Ross Inia (pictured) was arrested in Florida for punching an officer who was breaking up a fist fight 

The police report also says Inia told the officers they had ‘messed with the wrong one,’ while occasionally nodding out, as the report states, presumably from his level of inebriation.  

Inia is featured on the sixth season of the Bravo series that follows the escapades of a mega-yacht crew and their wealthy clients.

Inia was released from the Palm Beach County jail on $15,000 bond.   

According to The New Zealand Herald, Inia and fellow cast member and deckhand Joao Franco had posted videos of themselves drinking in West Palm Beach prior to his arrest. 

Before his arrest, Inia and Franco had posted videos to social media of the pair drinking .

Then, Franco posted updates on Inia’s arrest, which have since been deleted.   

Some of the updates included ‘Ross is in jail…and we’ve been looking for him four hours and counting.’

He later added: ‘We’ve been told we cannot find Ross ­– apparently it’s going to take between five to ten hours just to process him.’ 

Bravo reality stars are no strangers to run-ins with the law.

Real Housewives of New York star, LuAnn de Lesseps was arrested on Christmas Eve in 2017 after telling a police officer she was going to kill him in Palm Beach, Florida, not too far from Inia’s arrest.  

Inia and his co-star Joao Franco (pictured) had posted photos of them out drinking together before the arrest 

Inia and his co-star Joao Franco (pictured) had posted photos of them out drinking together before the arrest 

She was charged with battery on an officer, resisting arrest with violence and threatening a public servant. She got off on a plea deal that saw her performing 50 hours of community service, attend two Alcoholics Anonymous meetings per week and write a letter apologizing to the deputy she threatened.

Kim Richards from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was arrested more than once. She was arrested for shoplifting at a Target in August of 2015. 

She was arrested just months before in April of 2015 for resisting arrest and battery at the Beverly Hills Hotel.  

Also, Real Housewives of New Jersey stars, Joe and Teresa Giudice found themselves in federal prison for conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud, and bank fraud, making false statements on loan applications, and bankruptcy fraud in a 39-count indictment.

The judge allowed the couple to have their sentences staggered for the sake of their four daughters. Teresa has completed her’s, and Joe is still behind bars. He is facing deportation when he is released. 




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