Ben Cousins reveals relationship status after years of being on the market as footy great announces huge move

  • Ben Cousins has revealed his relationship status 
  • Footy legend opened up on the radio on Wednesday 
  • He has also launched his Instagram account 

Footy legend Ben Cousins has confirmed he is still single and on the market, with the West Coast great admitting that a relationship ‘would be nice’.

Cousins, 45, made the revelation on Mix94.5’s Pete & Kymba show on Wednesday morning, after being quizzed as to whether he has a new partner. 

‘People think that you’re in a relationship!’ Kymba said.

‘People think that’s what we’re about to reveal because Pete has said this is about a big thing in your life.

Pete quipped: ‘People think you’ve got yourself a missus. Do you?’

Ben Cousins has revealed his relationship status

The footy legend revealed he is still very much single on the radio

The footy legend revealed he is still very much single on the radio

But Cousins set the record straight:  ‘No, no missus, unfortunately!’ 

‘Let’s face it, when Ben gets a girlfriend, it’s because it’s going to be our doing! We’re going to make it happen!’ Kymba added.

‘One hurdle at a time please guys!’ Cousins pleaded.

Cousins, who has two children – Angelique, 10, and Bobby, 12 – also launched his brand new Instagram page @bencousins_official, but said he was struggling to decide what to post first. 

‘I am feeling the pressure of what is going to be my opening post!’ Cousins said.

He did say that he would be open to finding a partner

Cousins has launched his Instagram account @bencousins_official

Cousins has launched his Instagram account @bencousins_official

A listener called Gigi suggested Cousins share his famous tattoo. 

‘Definitely his iconic abdominal tattoo that says ‘Such is Life’,’ she said.

‘Putting a tattoo on a stomach is a risk, isn’t it? Because it morphs with age, but yours is still really together,’ Kymba said.

‘I didn’t really think it through! I stuffed up many times a lot worse than that, I didn’t really have time to think about that one,’ Cousins said.

Cousins has got his life back on track after a string of controversies during his colourful playing career and his early retirement years.

He has been strictly following a disciplined training regime ahead of his appearance on Dancing with the Stars later this year.