Benefits of Choosing the Best Long Daycare Centre

Getting your child ready for school is a vital part of their development. Choosing the most appropriate form of education is an important task.

There are several child care options and parents, especially first-timers can be overwhelmed. You need to research carefully and thoroughly before deciding on the type of kindergarten facility in Brisbane most suitable for your child’s needs.

Types of Long Daycare Centre

Long daycare centres (early learning centres) are centre-based childcare facilities equipped with qualified professionals who care for children, while their parents go to work or engage in other activities.

Simply put, long daycare centres are equipped with aged-based rooms that cater to children aged six and below from 7 am to 6 pm.

The best long day care centre tailor their programs to meet the needs and interests of each child. The idea of this type of childcare centre is to get the children ready for school, society, and life in general.

Some long daycare facilities also provide casual care to children on an as-required basis. Here, parents can book their children for a day or a session and give their kids the same benefits as fully enrolled children.

The best daycare centres have long waiting lists and you may have to book a spot in advance. You can check for the accreditation status of any daycare centre you’re interested in and also find available services close to you.

The Early Years Learning Framework Australia is designed to support early childhood care providers, teachers, and educators. This framework was created to help extend and enrich children’s learning from birth to 5 years and through their transition to school.

Benefits of Long Daycare Centres

Long daycare centres afford children the following advantages:

Quality Education: Long daycare centres use a continuously revised curriculum to provide a quality education that meets the individual needs of the children. The curriculum covers physical, mental, social, and emotional needs to help them thrive and achieve their full potential.

Maintains Familial Bond: For families with multiple children, long daycare centres provide the option for your children to be in the same facility. This makes the children comfortable and also removes the stress of having to drop off and pick up your children at different locations.

Good Nutrition: Healthy meals are vital to a child’s physical and mental development. Long daycare centres provide nutritious food with meal plans created by qualified nutritionists.

Children Can Socialize and Form Lasting Friendships: Children have the opportunity to form strong and lasting friendships. As they move from one age group to the next, they can build a strong circle of friends from infancy up to their school years.

Flexible Hours for Parents: Busy parents will find long daycare to be perfect. Long daycare centres, like Hillsdon Kindergarten, allow parents to choose the hours most suited to their work schedules every week, including during holidays.

Family Daycare: Family daycare (home-based care) is based in the home of the educator with a small group of children. The carers are often parents with older children who go to school.

Family daycare hours are flexible and afford children a safe and comfortable environment suited to their individual development.

Other Types of Child Care

Occasional Care: Occasional care is designed for parents who need care on an ad-hoc basis. It’s ideal for parents who work unpredictable hours, have to meet up with an appointment or just want to relax from taking care of the children.

Nanny Care: Nannies are experienced carers who take care of children in the children’s home. Parents who prefer to have their kids looked after at home prefer to hire a nanny.

Guidelines for Choosing the Right Type of Child Care Service

In choosing the right type of care for your child, consider the following factors:

  • When and where do you want child care? Do you want it at home or in a centre?
  • The number of hours of child care you need
  • Are the available learning experiences suitable for your child’s needs?
  • Child to carer ratio. How many children does a carer have to manage each day?
  • Are the children fed? How’s the menu determined?
  • Does your budget match the cost of child care? Are you entitled to government subsidies?


There you have it! The benefits of choosing the best long daycare centre for your child. It wouldn’t do to deny your kids the life they truly deserve because of how busy your life is.

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