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Benefits of Debates in Enhancing Critical Thinking

Develop Critical Thinking

Critical thinking enables a person to think in an organized and logical manner so that it becomes easier to identify, analyze and then find solutions to problems.

Most of the time thinking comes to you naturally and automatically but when you think critically, you purposely apply tools such as observation, experience and reasoning to reach to a more precise outcome than what you would after thinking naturally. Critical thinkers constantly challenge what seems to be obvious to identify new and better solutions.

Importance of Critical Thinking

You need to apply critical thinking in your daily life as well as your place of work. You will need to show off your critical thinking skills even during your job search interviews.

Business companies need critical thinkers to reduce risk in businesses and avoid hasty decisions. People mostly get influenced by information provided by friends or authorities. A critical thinker does not easily get influenced; instead he will identify issues, analyze facts and then evaluate to find solutions. This is what businesses look for in their employees.

To enhance your critical thinking, you will have to give it your time, practice hard and be patient. Train yourself to identify the exact problem as this will make it easier to find solutions. Learn to gather information, opinions and arguments, so that you can understand the view points and thinking of various people.  Analyze the data you have gathered and whether the sources are biased or not. You will have to establish that the piece of the gathered data is significant before reaching a conclusion.

Ways to Improvise Critical Thinking

Debating is a very effective tool to learn public speaking skills and practice critical thinking. Participate in debates as it can enhance your ability to convince an audience about your own viewpoint on a topic. You will not only learn to think critically about issues but you will also learn to listen to others. Debating can allow several qualities to emerge, such as finding logical connections between ideas, speaking persuasively and adapting new solutions comfortably. Debating helps you make well- thought of arguments, along with letting you question the evidence behind a specific stance.

By debating you will learn to use the appropriate tone for a particular set of audience. Using a very formal tone may not get your audience interested and a very causal or relaxed tone will not let your side of argument look important. You will get a lot better at explaining a variety of topics, think out of the box and will enable you produce a sharp argument. These are very important tools when you look for a job or at your work place.

A person who is good at debates can focus better. Sometimes you may be proven wrong, and you will learn to lose graciously and accept criticism which is very important for a critical thinker. Conscious debating becomes a habit after a while and you stop believing information blindly and look for loop holes. Training in debates will enable you to develop critical thinking and help you look for creative ideas for every problem.

An Easy way to Debate

Critical thinking learnt through debating can help you gain an upper hand over your colleagues and work more effectively. But it isn’t practical to debate every day on a physical platform so you can practice your critical thinking skills on the best anonymous blog platform. A lot of people have their views on various topics. You can go through their comments, post your views and practice a healthy debate. You can easily find how to set up an anonymous blog on the internet.

Another option is to create your own anonymous blog if you are uncomfortable about using your name and personal information on the internet for people to see. On your blog you can connect with other people and understand their view points on the subjects of your interest.

The purpose of your blog can be to communicate, document and reflect on various topics and content for critical thinking. Blog comments are a great way to communicate with your audience. There are several topics and issues that bloggers tend to debate on. You can put forth your view on a particular topic and people from all over the world can comment on them.

This creates a dialogue and comments can serve as a check on what you have to say. People can add on to your views or just oppose them outright. In any of the case you get to learn from other peoples critical thinking skills and practice your own critical thinking skill.

Making an anonymous blog has its advantages. Sometimes if you end up saying something wrong it can negatively impact your image. Blogging anonymously will let you talk passionately about any topic without your name connected to it. Learn how to make money by writing an anonymous blog by practicing Affiliate marketing, make money from ads and more.

Reason more, evaluate and analyze more to enhance your critical thinking skill and make the right decisions.