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Benefits of Having a Fitness Oriented Lifestyle According to Ido Fishman

Fitness – Something that everybody wants to pursue but very few actually. Whether you have a fitness oriented lifestyle or not, one thing is for certain, those who have never ever bothered to get fit have missed out greatly on the feeling you get from having a fit body. Ask anyone around you who lives a healthy lifestyle and they will tell you that nothing feels better than living a healthy and fit life. Just imagine, you taking care of your body and fueling it with the right foods – imagine how good it will feel. The best part about it this is that you can take things beyond your imagination and actually live out the fitness lifestyle just like Ido Fishman did.

Ido Fishman Has Lived The Fitness Life and Continues to Live It

Initially, Ido was not a big fitness fan either. He thought that it was a waste of time and that there were better things to do in life. Later on however, after a couple of his friends implored him to give fitness a try, he changed his mind about how he thought about fitness.   A day or three is all it took for Ido Fishman to fall in love with the gym. He started working out and living a healthy lifestyle since his teenage years and still follows a healthy regimen to this day. Yes, there was a little period of lack of motivation in the middle and Ido went back to his unhealthy ways for a period because of his stressful job, but it soon made him realize that life is simply not living in an unhealthy way, which is why he did everything in his power to get back in shape and live a lifestyle that was surrounded with healthy eating and a great fitness regimen.

Most of you will be well aware of the fact that there are tons of benefits behind living a fit life. Of course you look like a million bucks and your body is in great shape, but there are other benefits too. You also feel great, motivated, and your thinking ability becomes ten times faster as well. You may be thinking that all of these benefits are just pseudo-scientific but you would be wrong as tons of scientists have proven time and time again that the benefits involved behind fitness are not a fad. They have even provided tons of evidences by conducting various tests on numerous groups of people, proving that the benefits behind them are as real as they get.

The Biggest Fitness Misconception

One of the main misconceptions behind fitness is that a large number of people believe  that it is only restricted to the gym. That could not be any further from the truth. Being fit is something that involves more than just lifting weights, keeping your cardio up and stretching your body regularly. It also involves healthy eating, sleeping on time and creating a schedule in which you are able to get your body to do the maximum. Being fit essentially means to get the most mileage out of your mind and body without taking any shortcuts. It is great for personal growth and will improve you in various aspects of your life. Ido Fishman is first hand proof of all of this for those who have any kinds of doubts. So without further ado, let us proceed and let us discuss some of the best benefits of having a fitness oriented lifestyle as discussed by the man himself, Ido Fishman.

The Benefits of Having a Fitness Oriented Lifestyle

There are tons of benefits behind living a lifestyle that is centered around health and fitness. However, since we want to narrow it down and provide you only the benefits that have been noticed by most people and scientific evidence, this article will only discuss the fitness benefits that Ido Fishman has noticed during his fitness journey that spans for a long period of time.

Fitness and Exercise are great for the Brain

A lot of studies have gone to show that living a fitness lifestyle reduces depression by ten folds. It also makes you learn things quickly and improves your overall memory. There have also been studies that suggest that exercise is one of the best ways to delay or completely avoid Alzheimer’s, a disease that is coming more and more common as the years pass by.

That being said, most of the scientists are not able to find out which area of the brain precisely fitness impacts to promote the positive effects. Researches are still going on to find the details. Currently, most of the scientists have discovered that exercising and living a fitness lifestyle significantly improves the flow of your blood. This is particularly true for the brains blood flow. This helps to feed the growth of fresh blood vessels along with new brain cells. There is a thing known as brain derived neurotropic factor. The short version of it is known as BDNF. It helps to trigger new neuron growth along with the protection and repair of brain cells. Your brain cells would not degenerate if you work out regularly. As mentioned earlier, fitness routines also help people to focus a lot more. Ido Fishman also noticed a vast improvement in his ability to focus.

Pursuing a Fitness Oriented Lifestyle Improves Your Routine

There is nothing better for your mind and body than a proper routine. There have been a large number of psychologists and psychiatrists who have stated that they have completely cured people with depression simply by introducing a routine in their life. This is one of the biggest problems that people these days struggle with. Nobody knows how to create a routine in which they can do all the things they want to. Instead, what people do is just eat food and go to their jobs. This is not a way to live and is also a one way ticket to bad health and a variety of health problems down the line.

However, if you really think about it, making a routine is not as difficult as you may have initially imagined. You just have to fill your day with productive things. If you are someone who works, it would be a good idea to get a head start to your day. Instead of waking up just a few minutes before your work shift begins, it would be better to wake up 2 hours earlier, it will allow you to meditate, prepare your food or even workout. No, working out in the morning is not necessary at all however, it does yield some benefits. You can just as well workout after you come back from home. Ideally, it would be advisable to work out at the time when you feel the most fresh. For a lot of people, that time happens to be early in the morning. If you feel like you can get fresh after resting after you return for work, go for that. At the end of the day, both routes will ultimately steer you towards a fitter and healthier life.

Working Out Will Make You Into A Happier Person

Just like we were discussing earlier, living a lifestyle surrounded by fitness habits does indeed make you into a happy person. Ido Fishman fully testifies to this fact. He used to be sad and depressed a lot of the time because of not having work, friends, or things to do. However, since he introduced fitness into his life he has been a completely different person. He stays happy most of the time and does thing with extreme passion.

Once you start living a lifestyle that is surrounded with fitness related habits, you will notice that there are no bad days at all. You will just have good days. Sure, there will be slightly stressful days here and there but they are great teachers and teach you to become patient and endure the pain and work to achieve happiness. This is a quality that very few people have, but the ones who do consider it to be a super power as it makes them immune to negative emotions. You may be surprised to find out that fitness can have that big of an impact on a person’s emotional life, but it is true and has worked miracles on a large number of people.

You Will Become Stronger

This is one of the more obvious plus points of living a fit lifestyle. There are a large number of workouts that you can do to make yourself as strong as possible. A lot of people choose to lift weights and do some form of cardio. Some people choose to do purely cardio and run for miles on end. That being said, being fit does not mean that you have to hit the gym, you can also play a sport that requires strength and stamina. Sports like football, basketball, boxing, racing, competitive swimming, cricket, and many other sports are there for the choosing to make you the fittest version of yourself.

Ido Fishman used to do cardio in the morning and lifted weights at night. He noticed that it provided him the most results. Following this fitness routine helped him gain a decent amount of muscle mass and lose a considerable bit of body fat. That being said, you can do anything that makes you happy as long as it pushes your limit every day and gets you closer to your fitness goal.

Fitness Improves Your Will Power

There are very few things better than fitness that will improve your overall willpower. Since most fitness routines push your limit, you have to grind your teeth and keep moving forward in order to gain momentum and get to the next level. Not everyone is able to show the determination and courage to push forward with their exercises, however, the ones who do see a remarkable improvement in their willpower.

Now you may be thinking if there is such a thing as willpower built in inside a human being. Well the truth is, there is a fight or flight response in most of us, however, as far as willpower goes, you have to earn it. Now you may be wondering how you can earn will power, well it is really simple. All you have to do is expose yourself to a challenge and do everything in your power to accomplish that challenge. This may seem like a simple thing but in reality not many people are able to stand and give their challenge a tough time. One of the biggest benefits of living a lifestyle that surrounds fitness is that everything is there for the taking. You just have to get up and grasp it as strongly as you can. Ido Fishman said that, the will power that he gained from his fitness lifestyle was perhaps the most rewarding thing that he got in his life. He continued to say that it made him a better person and gave him courage in the face of tough and important tasks.

You Can Become Your Best Version with a Fitness Based Life

Everybody wants to become the best versions of themselves but very few people are actually able to do so. Why that is? You may be wondering, well it is simpler than what it actually seems. Since, fitness, pushes you to the limit, it makes you thrive for a better life, not in fitness but in various other parts of your life as well. Ido Fishman claims that if not for fitness, he would have been a shell of himself. It is the main reason why he wakes up every day and lives life to its fullest. As a matter of fact, it would even be fair to say that you get a new lease on life when you take care of your body. Don’t believe it? Just ask the guy who has lived it all and continues to live it, Ido Fishman.