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Benefits Of Learning Japanese Language

Nowadays there are more and more people who start learning Japanese. And all of them have their own reasons. Others were fond of history filled with colorful interesting eras, while others enjoyed the cuisine of Japan.

So there are many reasons why people learn Japanese. Some of them are below:

This language can help you learn other Asian languages. For example, Japanese is similar to Korean grammatically, plus you will notice that you understand some of written Chinese after learning Japanese for some time.

If you are fond of the history or cuisine of Japan, that’s not a surprise at all, because its culture is one of the most unique cultures in the world. Japan was developing isolated from the rest of the countries because it’s an island state. And the only way to immerse yourself into their culture is to visit this country. But studying the Japanese language will allow you to understand the history of this beautiful country and learn the cultural characteristics of the island state. Some words in Japanese cannot be translated into other languages due to the uniqueness of their culture.

If you know Japanese, you have a great opportunity to watch movies, anime, and read your favorite Japanese writers and manga in their original language.

Professional value. Many big international corporations have branches abroad. And if you dream of getting a job in a huge company like Apple, the knowledge of this language will give you much more opportunities, than people who can speak only English. If you want to work internationally, it might be more profitable to study Japanese or Chinese than German or French. You will face a lot of job offers when you can compete to work with 500 other people who also speak German or French, but only with 50 people who speak Japanese. So learning this beautiful language increases your professional value on the human resources market.

A lot of learning material available. Despite the fact that this is a rather rare language for an English speaker, there are a lot of ways to learn Japanese Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it became popular and safer to study from home, so you can take the advantage of various learning materials available nowadays.

Japan is one of the trending countries in the field of modern architecture, building materials and technologies. In Japan, there is always a large number of exhibitions, seminars, internships, and university exchanges in these fields.

It can be a real challenge for your brain to study Japanese and as a result, you develop your memory and mental skills during this interesting language learning journey. Moreover, there are a lot of online tools and mobile apps to help you memorise new words and progress fast. The educational apps market is highly competitive. There are more than 500,000 apps available on Google Play and App Store, so you will definitely find a good solution for yourself.

It will make you unique. As a rule, people who aren’t fond of Japanese culture and values, or do not have the need to learn this specific language, will probably choose foreign languages more similar to their native one. So learning something less commonly studied makes you also unique.

You can make friends among locals because they rarely speak other foreign languages. The majority of Japanese people have minimal education in English and they will be much comfortable to speak with you in their mother tongue.

Regardless of your personal motivation, you are likely to find people in Japan who share your interests.