Benefits Of Opting For Gel Nails

Creativity has made nail art a sensation in the fashion industry. Everyone is looking for the next best design at every one of their nail salon appointments. Technicians at the nail salons are also working overtime to stay on top of the latest trends in the nail art industry to keep their customers happy.

While nail art can be time-consuming and stressful for many, there’s just another option that gets the job done with relatively no hassles, gel nails. Getting gel nails comes with a wide range of benefits and can be done professionally to give the same premium look and feel that you have become accustomed to.

There is some important information you should know about gel nails.

What are gel nails?

Gel nails are becoming immensely popular in the fashion industry and among women. They are natural and commonly available to people who visit nail salons. The recent popularity of gel nails is due to the natural approach to installation. Users can rest assured that they are getting natural products with non-toxic components and no associated health risks.

Components of gel nails

Gel nails are a product of a monomer gel and a pre-mixed polymer. For its application, a gel is applied to the nails and then placed under UV light. A special gel activator may be used for gels that were not properly treated by the UV light.

The activator, upon application, helps improve the nail length while adding shine and sheen. Gel nails have become a perfect option for many because they do not require maintenance and have non-yellowing properties.

Gel nails vs. Acrylic nails

If you visit a nail salon, there are high chances that you may have to choose between gel and acrylic nails. Both options are great for maintaining your fingernails; however, women with brittle nails will enjoy gel nails better. One of the other advantages of gel nails is the clean smell.

Acrylic nails are known to emit a strong odor that some users find irritating and bothersome. The odor is a result of the nail material and the paint action on it. Gel nails help deal with this problem. Being natural, it does not emit foul odors and does not turn yellow over time like acrylic nails.

One of the biggest advantages of choosing gel nails is the sheen and shine. Gel nails maintain their sheen and shine until they are removed. With gel nails, you no longer have to worry about nail durability or recurrent visit to the nail salon.

Unlike flexible and durable gel nails, acrylic nails are hard and can break off quickly. Acrylic nails can also hurt your natural fingernails easily.

With gel nails, you can expect to choose from various designs and textures to match your mood, monthly theme, and desired creativity. It is best to discuss your preferred color and design option with your nail technician before getting started.

It is also recommended that you undergo appropriate preparation, including cuticle cleaning and nail cleaning before gel nails are applied. Adequate preparation of your fingernails and nail surfaces will improve the outcome.

Common gel nail types at nail salons

When at a nail salon, you’ll most likely find two different types of gel nails; soft and hard gel nails. Soft gels are made from soft products and cannot be used for nail extensions.

On the other hand, hard gels got their name from their property when cured under UV light. When cured, the hard gel becomes hard and can be used as a nail extension.

When getting a gel nail, you should ensure that the job is done by a professional. Professional nail technicians are familiar with the various colors available and can ensure that the final product is ready to withstand daily use for several weeks without peeling, cracking, or chipping.

Why you should choose gel nails

Gel nails come with several benefits. Some of the most important benefits include;

  • Gel nails feel more natural and flexible compared to acrylic nails that are hard and rigid.
  • People who are allergic to nail resins can use gel nails without dealing with the toxic smell of acrylic nails.
  • Gel nails offer a sleeker and shinier finish.
  • Gel nail manicures can last several weeks without chipping, cracking, or peeling.
  • Soft gel nails can be easily removed using acetone.
  • Gel nails dry immediately and offer no threat of smudging.
  • Gel nails cure faster under the LED light. They are often completely cured in five to ten seconds.
  • Gel nails do not fade away or turn yellow like regular acrylic nails.

Gel nails offer a wide range of advantages that makes them worth trying. If you haven’t experienced this type of nail extension, book your next nail salon treatment to get it.