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Benefits of professional sofa cleaning

You most probably spent a small fortune on your sofas. Add to that, a good few hours you spent looking for the right ones for your home: in-store visits, online browsing, asking for recommendations. Must have been exhausting!

Now that you finally have it in your house, you only need to take good care of it so you can enjoy its good looks for many years to come.

While there are a few things you could do yourself, like regular hoovering, for example, having your upholstery professionally cleaned, remains the most efficient method of protecting your investment.

The same as carpets and mattresses, sofas are known for housing a lot of dust, dander, sweat, and other oils, allergens, and bacteria. Domestic hoovers are not powerful enough to remove all the build-up of dirt from deep within the fibers.

Over time, your furniture becomes one of the major contributors to poor quality indoor air and one of the main reasons for struggling with allergies.

Therefore, if you want to restore your sofas’ original appearance and enjoy a much healthier home environment, hiring a professional upholstery cleaner every once in a while, is mandatory.

Read our list below to find out the main benefits of professional sofa cleaning.

Restore the original appearance

Your sofa is the key piece of furniture, especially in the living room. Not only does it help you enhance the appearance of the entire area, but it’s also there for you and your family if you decide to have a movie night, or you’re entertaining some friends.  Even your pet might have a favorite spot on the couch, where it likes to sleep.

Therefore, it’s totally understandable why in time, your upholstery’s good look starts to fade. Your sofa becomes matted down, the colors are not so bright anymore, and it has some nasty stains as well.

At this point, only a professional cleaning service would be able to restore its original appearance and bring it back to its former glory.

How often should a couch be deep cleaned? It really depends on the traffic! However, you should have your upholstered furniture professionally cleaned at least once per year. If you have cats, dogs, young children, or lots of visitors, manufacturers recommend more frequent cleanings.

Keeping your upholstery well looked after will maintain its appearance, keeping colors bright and textures as they should be.

Improve the indoor air quality of your home

The same as carpets, sofas absorb a lot of dirt, dust, animal fur, food particles, sweat, and body oils, as well as bacteria and allergens. All this build-up of debris can harm your health if left for too long.

No matter how hard you try to keep your furniture clean, household products and hoovers are not powerful enough to deliver the same results as professional cleaners.

If you want to make sure your family is breathing healthy air at home, pick a company that uses the water extraction method for cleaning sofas.

This is the only method that guarantees the complete removal of dirt, dust, bacteria, and allergens from deep within the fibers. That means your upholstered furniture will not only look and smell fresh but will also be sanitized.

Professional sofa cleaning by Happy Clean, uses this technique for both carpets and couches, with excellent results. With hundreds of 5-star reviews, they offer cleaning services like no other.

Remove Unsightly Spots and Stains

Accidents do happen, no matter how hard you try to avoid them. Whether is wine, coffee, or food stain, you may want to consider scheduling professional upholstery cleaning.

While there are some things you could do yourself, DIY methods rarely match the results of a trained agent. More than that, imagine using the wrong products. You will not only end up with a stained sofa but with a damaged one as well.

Another great thing you could do for your sofa is stain guarding it. This process is used for both carpets and upholstered furniture, and it protects them from getting stained.

It works as a protective seal, that actually gives you enough time to grab a towel and wipe down the spills. Applying this treatment after sofa or carpet cleaning prolongs the benefits of either of these services.

Removing odors: Does professional upholstery cleaning removes odors? The short answer is “yes”. The water extraction method is the one that guarantees to remove the bad smell, as it penetrates deeply removing all the dirt and dust. Once the source of the odor is removed, it won’t come back after the couch is dry.

Extend the Lifespan of Your Furniture: One of the main benefits of professional sofa cleaning is that it prolongs the lifespan of your furniture. Once the cleaning technicians restore your items to like-new condition, you won’t feel the urge to replace your old sofas or chairs.

Now that they are clean and fresh, you will fall in love with them again, and you won’t have to buy new ones.

One great disadvantage of fabric sofas is that they harbor dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens. Over time, all the build-up of dirt will get embedded within the fibers causing tear and premature wear. To avoid that, have your sofas regularly cleaned by professionals.

Saves time and money: As tempting as DIY methods or rented steam cleaners might be, it’s better to hire trained cleaning agents. In the long run, it will save you time and money. You might consider that professional upholstery cleaning is an expensive service.

Now think how much it will cost you to replace a sofa that you accidentally damaged using the wrong detergents and cleaning techniques.

More than that, with the busy lifestyles we all have, it would be tricky to find the time to properly care for your couches or chairs. Trained agents are more proficient at their job, so you have the guarantee that the cleaning tasks will be done in an efficient and safe manner.

Your furniture is probably one of the most substantial investments you will make for your home. Now, why wouldn’t you want to protect this investment, having it cleaned by professionals every now and then?

Hire an experienced cleaning service provider, such as upholstery cleaning by Happy Clean. Their fully trained agents can deal with the most stubborn dirt and stains, restoring your sofa’s original appearance.