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Benefits of Starting a Business in Amsterdam with a Virtual Office Address

Amsterdam is not only an enchanting city and a vibrant travel destination; but also, a place that offers immense opportunities for thriving businesses.  The Dutch capital provides a stable, non-intrusive business environment with companies respecting innovation and creativity. Amsterdam is known to encourage a perfect work-life balance, hailed as the best in the world. Since most people here do not work for long hours at a stretch, there is enough weightage given for them to travel, workout, spend family-time or pursue their hobbies.

The City of Canals is multicultural in its appeal, representing close to 180 nationalities. Compared to other European cities like Paris, Amsterdam has almost no language barrier, with almost everyone well-versed with English.  So, there is no hurdle of learning a new language if you want to work or start a business here. Higher education is a norm, with close to 60 percent of the Dutch population having a degree or an equivalent educational qualification.

With a high standard of living, great quality of life, and a flattering monetary package, Amsterdam is among one of the top cities to work and start a business in Europe. It is especially attractive for businesses that pertain to IT, fashion, finance, medicine, and media.  Amsterdam has the highest broadband Internet penetration in Europe, it is the headquarter to Amsterdam Internet Exchange, the biggest data hub in the world.

Since the city is technology-driven and has a forward-thinking population, Amsterdam is a great place on the planet for startup companies to mushroom, find acceptance, thrive, and flourish.   Another commendable aspect of this compact city is that it has a quick and efficient public transportation network, right from its trains and ferries, to trams and of course, their bike-friendly streets.  You can cycle from one area of the town to the other, in just under thirty-five minutes.

Startups can really benefit from doing business in Amsterdam because the cost of living is low than most other tech cities in the US and Europe.  A lot of top international companies have moved to Amsterdam, because of the attractive 30 percent tax break offered to foreign nationals. It is said that in this city, “if you have got the skills, you pay substantially fewer tax bills.”

Some of the biggest corporations and international companies that have their headquarters in Amsterdam include ING Group,, Heineken International, AkzoNobel, Delta Lloyd Group, TomTom; etc.  Leading companies like Netflix, Uber, Twitter, IBM, Microsoft and Tesla have their European headquarters or major offices in Amsterdam.

A sense of togetherness and a community-oriented atmosphere are also huge incentives for people to settle in Amsterdam. 92 percent of Dutch have stated that they know someone they can count on if they were faced with an emergency or crisis. A high degree of job satisfaction and ample recreational opportunities makes this multiculturally vibrant city, a fabulous place for starting a business.

Amsterdam not only embraces talent from across the world, but it also has an unparalleled infrastructure.  The Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is known to be the best in Europe and the third-best in the world.

The interesting thing is that when you check pictures of Amsterdam, it may not seem evident that it is a tech hub. This is because there is so much liveliness, art, historical appeal, theater, museums, and architecture around you, that you feel that you are living in an open-air museum.  With so many fascinating reasons to live and do business in Amsterdam, it makes pragmatic sense to register for a business address.

If you want to start a company in the Netherlands, you must register in the ‘Handelsregister’ or the Netherlands Chamber of Commercial Register.  In order to register your company with the Dutch Commercial Register, you are required to have a Dutch address or a virtual address.  A virtual office address solution is cost-effective, way more affordable, and helps you run your business quickly, without any hassle.

One has to remember that the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and Tax Administration is particular about the fact that your virtual office is not merely a mailbox address and has some semblance of an office environment. That is why we offer you a registered address/virtual address with a post-forward via scan.  In line with mandatory rules, we also offer a small, real working spot with Wi-Fi and coffee facilities.  We ensure that you have a conducive environment inline with your business interests.

We are happy to offer a great opportunity for startups and businesses with low presence to cash-on and create an ideal working environment in Amsterdam.  Your virtual office can make a good impression on your clients and business partners and jumpstart your business.

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