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Benefits of using aluminium composite panels as cladding material

Due to the impressive advantages of aluminium composite panels, the demand for this type of cladding material is huge. After all, it became clear that for a great result in the facade renovation, not only a competent installation approach is crucial but the quality of the material is also of high importance. Also, only with the help of a flexible, lightweight material that is easily processed, bent, cut, folded, it is possible to implement unique design ideas and transform an obsolete building into a modern object. And even if aluminium composite panel price may seem too high, an array of excellent features supports its superiority among other materials for exterior cladding.

Why buying an aluminium composite panel is beneficial for your project?

Weather resistance and long service life: the low susceptibility of panels to the effects of aggressive environments, ultraviolet radiation, extreme weather conditions, and precipitation, temperature changes allow retaining its original color and aesthetic appealing for at least 25 years. Longevity even under the influence of adverse environmental factors makes aluminium composite panels irreplaceable material not only when it comes to cladding, but also in the outdoor advertising industry. Stiffness, durability, and strength are all key features of ACPs.

A wide range of colors and finishes: want to have metallic, marble, or wooden cladding color? It’s definitely not a problem for ACP sheets since the color chart of most manufacturers is infinite and can impress with a variety of choices.

Contemporary aesthetics: composite panels will undoubtedly add stylish and modern components even to the exterior of an outdated building.

Ease of maintenance and use: any contamination, such as dust, dirt, debris, can be removed from the surface of composite panels with plain water without additional chemicals, detergents, or pressure washing. The washing procedure is necessary only for reasons of attractiveness. When it comes to prevention of corrosion, rust development, or fungus spreading, then the facade made of aluminium composite panels does not require special treating and maintenance.

Infinitive range of shapes and extraordinary forms: the high plasticity of the ACP makes it easy to transform them into products of the required shape, by milling, folding, bending. Such characteristics of the material make it possible to use it for cladding facades with non-standard and original elements.

Fireproof properties: aluminium composite panels meet all fire safety standards and are allowed for cladding the facades of such objects as shopping and exhibition centers, railway and bus stations, hotels, airports.

No release of dangerous particles: being one of the eco-friendliest and fully recyclable materials, ACPs don’t present any harmful impact on the environment.

Easy to transport: light in weight material ensures hassle-free transportation and a simplified procedure of installation.

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