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Best 3 Slots from Habanero

There are truly no other gambling inventions that have shaken the casino industry quite as much like slot machines, and later on online slots. Seriously, gambling analysts in the 1800s thought that the newly invented game of roulette was going to easily be the most successful new gambling invention, but that was blown out of the water by Charles D. Fey’s monumentally successful Liberty Bell machine.

Nowadays there are quite literally tens of thousands of online slot titles available for all of us lucky slot gamblers, so much so that it can be very difficult to choose a specific one to play. One fairly new online slot developer that is a bit of a hidden gem in today’s industry is Habanero, a company that has been going for almost a decade, and is rapidly becoming more and more prestigious – play slots online without deposit. Keep reading for a bit of background info on Habanero, as well as the best 3 slots from the developer. 

A basic overview of Habanero

So, Habanero was established in 2012, a fairly common time for new online slot developers to start up, mainly because 2012 heralded the start of a new online slot era, with things like mobile slots, 3D graphics, and evermore exciting bonus features becoming the standard. The company has offices in a wide range of places, such as Johannesburg, Manila, Sofia, and Kyiv. As such they are a truly global slot developer, with access to a variety of markets.

Aside from the quality of their slot titles, Habanero is also massively invested in providing as versatile a gambling experience as possible. As such their games can be played in several different languages, as well as several different currencies.

Some key Habanero slot characteristics

Right then, every single online slot developer will have its own slightly different slot characteristics, so let’s take a look at some of the main things that make Habanero slots stand out:

  • Versatile adaptability: As we mentioned before, Habanero slots can be played in various countries, and the developer always makes sure that their games are as versatile as possible when it comes to language, currency, and gambling restrictions.
  • Varied slot designs: Unlike some developers who prefer to stick with a certain slot design, for example, vintage slots or ultra-modern slots, Habanero is passionate about covering all angles.
  • Fun and an interesting bonus feature: Habanero evidently knows that most slot gamblers are particularly excited about bonus features, hence why they put a lot of effort into making a range of exciting ones.
  • Hilarious themes: Habanero also has a knack for making funny slot themes, something that attracts gamblers more than you might think.

The best 3 slots from Habanero

Without further ado, here are the best 3 slots from Habanero:

  • Dragon’s Throne: Dragon’s Throne takes the world of Lord of the Rings-esque fantasy as its main theme, and it is a beautifully designed Habanero slot. The best thing, however, is the bonus round where two dragons battle it out!
  • Gold Rush: This slot has a range of special features such as collapsing reels and expanding wilds, showing Habanero’s taste for innovation.
  • Buggy Bonus: Buggy Bonus is a great example of a funny Habanero slot, mixing cartoon graphics with tantalizing prizes.