Swimming is loved by almost all people in Singapore and the best part is not just the adults; even toddlers and kids are given Swimming classes in Singapore. The destination tops in having plenty of swimming agencies to teach swimming to the kids and toddlers with proper care and attention. So, if you are currently looking for the best swimming agency for your kid in Singapore, check out these 5 best choices.

  1. Marsden Swim School

It is can be referred to as the best place to learn swimming for kids and adults in Singapore. It has the reputation of being the only tier 1 Gold standard AUSTSWIM swim school in Singapore. It takes special care and attention to help your kids learn floating skills, prevent water fears, bond with the coaches, and learn the basic swimming strokes. It also provides lessons keeping in mind about your kid’s health so that they have maximum appetite and sleep.

  1. Little Swim School

It is a well-established swimming agency in Singapore providing its service since 2009. The organization ensures the best kind of swimming facilities for the kids featuring saltwater chlorinated temperature controlled indoor pools in a sheltered environment to make their swimming experience highly comfortable. The organization houses a group of certified coaches to help your kid learn the water survival skills and swimming strokes along with the 6 steps swim safer program with proficiency award.

  1. Able Aquatic School

This is one of the oldest swimming agencies in Singapore that was established back in 1981. It is also an affiliate partner of Singapore Live Saving Society and endorsed by Singapore Sports Council. It provides efficient swimming lessons for your kids catering to their health benefits, and brain development. It teaches different swimming lessons like floating skills, stroke development, and survival skills with swim safer program. It also provides swim certificates and badges on completing 1,2, and 3 levels of Swimsafer program.

  1. Happy Fish Swim School

Having a certified team of more than 300 professional coaches, this school is another best swimming agency for kids and for all age groups. It follows the Singapore Sports Council Swim Safer syllabus to provide lessons to your kids in Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level. If you have a special child, these school also hosts separate classes to help you kid develop physical and mental confidence through swimming. The school encourages all kids with Bronze, Silver, and Gold proficiency award.

  1. Little Splashes Swim School

This organization in Singapore is dedicated to swimming lessons for small children and also for adults. It provides non-chlorinated indoor heated mineral water swimming pools with perfect temperature adjustment to provide an ultra clean comfortable environment for the kids. It houses certified trained professionals to provide swimming lessons for the kids along with survival skills. It also assists in stroke correction and provides swim safer program for the kids above 3 years.