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Best Android spy software to monitor your employees’ devices

Employers, nowadays, are concerned about the employee productivity on the job and want to monitor and observe how much he is concerned about his job and how well he performs in it. Since most of the work, these days is carried out using computers and done remotely; it gets difficult to check the performance and interest of your employee in the work.

Many employees use computers during work hours to play games and shop online that makes them lose interest and focus and distract them to complete their tasks on time. That is why it has now become imperative to install android spy software on your employee‘s mobile phone and monitor his activities during work hours.

There are many employee android spy software and app available in the market that provides managers the relevant information they need to know about the working of their employees. They help maintain their productivity level and give them a sense of accountability that they are always being monitored. In this way, they feel encouraged to do the tasks on time and avoid wasting their energy on other things.

For any business and organization, the dedication of its employees matters the most. Therefore, employee android spy apps are used to keep the employees motivated by checking their performance continuously.

Even so, in this wide array of spyware, you still need to know which the best Android spy software is and which tracker gets you the more out of the app.

In this regard, after sifting through the biggest names, some of the best tracking apps to be installed on employees’ phones are listed below.


TheOneSpy best phone spyware for Android makes it easy to monitor your employee activities. It provides the user with a myriad of features that can be employed on both iPhone and Android. Its relatively good performance, user-friendly nature, and outstanding features make this app a recommended one in the market.


  • Email monitoring: View your employees’ inbox.
  • Location tracking: Monitor the live location and previous locations on employees’ phones.
  • Internet monitoring: Check the URL used and the list of websites and their frequency.
  • Social media tracking: Get access to all the instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Viber, Skype, and, Line.
  • Phone logs: View all the details of incoming, outgoing, and missed calls from employees’ phones.
  • Contact list: View all the contacts on the phone including email
  • Multimedia files: Find access to all the photos and videos present on the device.


Are you worried about how to monitor the activities of your workers when all of them are working remotely? Fret not. OgyMogy comes with Android spy features that can allow you to manage your employees’ work and monitor their performance. This app can be installed on a variety of devices, including cell phones, tablets, laptops, and Personal computers.

Some Features of OgyMogy

  • Time tracking: Tracks the time of your employees’ activity.
  • GPS tracking: Informs and records the time spent by the employees on a site.
  • Online timesheets: Record the total number of hours an employee work.
  • Productivity monitoring: Tracks URL and takes screenshots in order to monitor the productivity of employees.
  • Scheduling: View employee attendance and make schedules for your employees
  • Project Budgeting: Reserve a specific budget for projects in business and notify when the limit has reached.


The ActivTrak app allows managers and employers to monitor and evaluate the daily performance of their employees. A very interesting feature of this app is its ability to detect online threats such as cybersecurity risks.

ActivTrak controls threats by calculating a risk output and informs the managers so that they can take the required action and control the threats timely.

Integrating ActivTrak with other software tools such as Slack, Github, Quickbooks, and others increases the working and efficiency of the app.

It has these features:

  • Website blocking: Blocks websites on the device that are considered inappropriate
  • Real-time reporting: Sends reports to provide information about activity within seconds.
  • Scheduled monitoring: Scheduled time allows you in monitoring the device for 15 minutes or the entire day.
  • USB detection: Detects USB and generates alerts
  • Screenshots: Takes screenshots of the real-time usage of the device and informs the user.

These are some of the best Android spy software to monitor your employees’ devices. Track their performance and keep a check on the growth of your company.