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Best Buying Guide: What are the Best Mini Claw Machines in 2021

An increasing number of people, in recent days, are investing in various types of entertainment, of which mini claw machines top the list. For the reason of the impression and happiness, these advanced machines are brought to people’s lives. Some people who are running malls, hotels, clubs, and other commercial venues around the world are craving to own this business at a miraculous rate.

Moreover, it is evident that this gives an encouraging signal to the mini crane machine suppliers who are constantly manufacturing capable and trustworthy mini toy claw machines.

If you are the person who wants to purchase the most attractive mini claw machine, you need to comprehend some factors for choosing the mini toy crane machines. Here are three factors you need to pay attention to.

Size: With disparate sizes of dimensions, various kinds of mini claw machines can be seen in diverse places. For some markets, hotels, cinemas, or other extensive commercial venues, mini claw machines with larger sizes, specially designed with four players, are the most suitable ones.

While in the pedestrian, internet cafe, or other miniature places with higher rent, mini toy claw machines in a smaller size with two claws must be the correct ones. A proper target place will bring you enormous benefits to some extent. Thus, considering the target place is of great necessity before buying.

Age: Envisaging the age for the target groups is another fundamental step. For children and teenagers, mini toy claw machines with a lovely appearance are quite attractive. While for adults, simple, fashionable, and elegant designs might catch their eyes. Knowing your customers’ favors is the elementary step to enhance your business.

Design: A charming image and appealing music effect can captivate customers to some certain extent. For example, small children are attracted by the cute appearance for the first time, teenagers are more curious about fashionable designs while adults prefer a texture appearance.

And then, they begin to use the mini claw machine to catch prizes. Rhythmic vibrations accompany their movements, and appropriate compliments when they catch the product will bring a sense of satisfaction.

After knowing the elements that influenced selecting a capable mini machine, you must be curious about this business. The followings are the best mini claw machines for your reference, they are:

Season Prize Forerunner mini claw machine (2 players)

Size: It is in a mini size for 500 mm in width, 870 mm in length, and 1,670 mm in height (310mm for the bottom of the gift exit height)! It is suitable for family entertainment centers, children’s paradise, pedestrian streets or the grounds near the school, or some other miniature and limited places to attract children and young adults with such a mini size.

Age: It is quite suitable for young kids to compete with each other simultaneously with the design of two claws. The charming image and music effects will bring children and young teenagers entertainment.

Design: As white, black, or blue optional, the lovely appearance gives users a sense of pleasure. Besides, with SS size and SS1 size claws, it can catch presents with 3-4 or 2-3 inches like charming pendants, alluring figures, and mini toys. The cute appearance and proper size of disparate sizes of gifts can captivate young kids’ attention.

Season Prize Forerunner mini claw machine (4 players)

Size: It is bigger than the previous one. It is used in shopping malls, hotels, clubs, and other large-scale commercial venues to draw teenagers’ and young adults’ attention.

Age: This mini toy claw machine is aimed at young adults and teenagers who go outside to relax. The total net weight of 326 kg with the power of 528W can bring your clients a stable and reliable experience no matter how hard they are.

Design: The modern design with four different colors combined with white, black, green, and red has been harvested in Japan. With the design for four players simultaneously, it is suitable for young people to battle with each other. Thus, if your target customers are young adults with giant emulatives, this mini toy claw machine is the best.

Season Prize New Mini Toy claw machine (4 players)

Size: Although it has four claws for four players, it is not a considerable size. With 500 mm in width, 870 mm in length, and 2,060 mm in height, it is suitable for family entertainment centers, bowling alleys, and other occasions with larger spaces. If your target places are not large enough, this mini claw machine would be the best choice.

Age: It is a product in a simple color scheme but still keeps stylish and elegant. For your target customers who are most adults, it will radiate its charm to appeal to customers. Besides, as your target customers may have colossal strength, the weight and power of this product will certainly give them reliability.

Design: Its fashionable and delicate appearance gathers with a very textured hue, together with the plain colors and designs, it is like a beautiful piece of artwork. From the inside to the outside, it shows a perfect aesthetic. Thus, it will bring your customers a sense of satisfaction during the gaming process.


An increasing number of people are managing to invest in the market of the mini claw machine, which is becoming a fashionable tendency nowadays. Making a complete knowledge of your target customers and finding a capable mini toy crane machine provider is vital.

Season Prize is the most trustworthy mini toy crane machine supplier you can choose. Founded in 2009, Season Prize sells customized machines for arcade centers and offers OEM/ODM opportunities to new investors. Over the years, they have remained focused on delivering excellent customer experiences to all partners worldwide.

People’s compliment worldwide is another step towards ensuring Season Prize continues its top-notch consistency in offering the best arcade gaming machines in the industry. Surely, Season Prize will provide the most capable and suitable products for you with the best service.