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When it comes to purchasing premium CBD products, you need to pay close attention to the brand and where you intend to purchase them from. While CBD offers many medicinal benefits including pain management and treating depression, purchasing counterfeit products will not benefit you in any way.

With the influx of numerous CBD manufacturers into the industry rising higher each year, sticking with specific CBD flower brands will help ensure that you only purchase premium CBD flowers, thus ensuring that you can enjoy the genuine CBD benefits.

This is why we have helped you identify the best CBD flower brands below:


This manufacturing firm is a huge vertically integrated cannabidiol company. IHF controls every part of their supply chain for CBD. They cultivate their hemp strains and enforce excellent CBD extraction processes which then ensures that their customers get only premium CBD flowers. IHF hemp products are known to contain high CBD concentration and premium cannabinoid fractions. As a result, IHF products are quite affordable as they offer varieties of CBD products to their consumers.


Although this brand is currently known as Berkshire CBD, the company is rebranding its identity and products for better customer experience. As a result, this company was officially referred to as Cannaflower from October 2020. BerkshireCBD is known for its premium CBD flowers having one of the highest cannabidiol concentrated CBD flowers in the market. Situated in New England, BerkshireCBD hosts a team of professional CBD growers that ensures their customers get the best CBD flowers on the market. Cannaflower cultivates rare and unique CBD strains that make their products stand out in the market. You cannot go wrong with BerkshireCBD hemp flowers as they tick every one of the premium CBD bud boxes. Their products are very affordable and there are third-party laboratory reports for all of them. Hence, when looking for premium CBD flowers, Cannaflower is the perfect brand you need.


This CBD Company is an initiative of 2 brothers. The company offers a variety of CBD products ranging from capsules to CBD buds. Apothecary CBD flowers are organically grown and they provide third-party laboratory reports on all their products. Their products are affordable and they offer one of the most premium CBD flowers in the market. The Brothers Apothecary CBD flowers are purely extracted and contain a high concentration of CBD. Hence, making it one of the most reliable CBD flowers out there.


This Company manufactures several premium CBD products ranging from topicals to premium CBD flowers. Kat’s natural often infuses other herbal products into their CBD products. This helps in enhancing the effects of their CBD products, making them stand out from many of their competitors when it comes to the benefits that their products offer to the body. Despite the innovation of their products, Kat’s Natural CBD flowers are typically affordable.

Finding premium CBD flowers in a market that is awash with different CBD manufacturing companies can be overwhelming. However, you do not have to worry if you check out the recommended CBD flower brands listed above.



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