Best Cooking Tips by Ido Fishman

Do you enjoy cooking or are interested in learning this fantastic skill? Cooking is an art and is something that you can only master with time and a lot of practice. In addition, it is always helpful to have some tricks and strategies up your sleeve when you are cooking in your kitchen. Whether you are whipping up an omelet or cooking steak, you would want to know how to do so in the best possible manner.

The following are the 5 best cooking tips compiled by Ido Fishman. Be sure to give this article a read if you would like to cook with more efficiency and style!

Be sure to Read the Complete Recipe Before you Begin Cooking

This particular tip might seem pretty obvious especially if you are a cooking expert. That said, we tend to often find ourselves in situations where we assume we knew all ingredients that went in the vanilla cake only to discover later that we only had about 75 percent of the needed amount of white sugar.

To be honest, that can suck especially if you find this out right at the last minute!  In order to avoid making a grocery store trip midway during the cooking, it is always in your best interest to carefully read the entire food recipe before you actually begin cooking.  The last thing you want is to find out that you are short of some ingredient midway during the cooking!

Think Far Beyond Slow and Low

If you are looking to cook roasts or barbeque, it always helps to know the key behind flavorful and tender roasts and barbeque. The answer is to cook it on a low temperature for an extended period of time. However, the same does not hold true if you would like to roast any veggies. If you desire to cook crisp Brussels sprouts or butternut squash or any other vegetable in your kitchen, keep in mind the ideal number- 400 degrees Fahrenheit (it is best to make a note of it!).

If you lower the temperature than this point, you can very well risk spoiling your vegetable and by extension, your lunch or dinner! 400 degrees may seem quite high to you but as per Ido, you require high amount of heat to get the best roasted flavor. Furthermore, since we are discussing this particular subject, make sure that you do not crowd your vegetables in the frying pan. Most people have a habit of doing this but it is not advised. That is because doing so will them quite soggy and you certainly do not want that!

Look after your Kitchen Knives

Taking care of your kitchen knives is truly one of the best cooking tips that you will ever get! You might be aware of the difference between a fillet knife and a pairing knife but do you know how to use them or take care of them? Most of us do not and that can considerably impact the quality of your cooking! According to Ido Fishman and most of the cooking experts round the world also agree that a set of decent kitchen knives can very well be the difference between a fantastic cooking experience and a stressful one.

If you are striving for the former, the first important thing that you have to do is to thoroughly practice your knife skills till you have mastered them completely. If you are wondering how to do this, you can watch the numerous tutorials available on YouTube and use those video tips and tactics to practice slicing, chopping and julienne-ing. Most of these videos are rich with valuable information that you will find immensely valuable.

It is quite remarkable what you will be able to accomplish with your cooking time when your preparation time is reduced with expert kitchen knife skills. Next, once you have perfected your skills really well, you can then learn how to take the best care of your knife set. Any chef will tell you that no person achieved true greatness in the kitchen with the help of a dull cook’s knife! That is why it is all the important that you take good care of your knives!

If you are Cooking Steak, Salt Generously!

It is true that most of the edible are completely if you add an excessive amount of salt. Therefore, you have to be careful with the salt shaker if you want to actually enjoy your food afterwards! However, not every food is ruined by salt.  by too much salt. Steak is a case to point. When you have to season your meat before you actually cook it, the more salt you use the better.

What Ido Fishman recommends here is that you make use of a lot of Kosher salt (coarse). Put in more salt that you think you really require. In case you are not aware, most of the steak cuts are quite thick and although you are using a generous amount of salt, it will still only cover the surface.

Cook your Grains in Dual Batches

Prepping your grains in large amounts is more about convenience that it is about taste. Quinoa, rice and even oatmeal can last for around 7 days in your fridge after you cook them. When we prep any of these, we usually increase our measurements and then store any leftovers. These are very easy to then use throughout the remaining of the week. If you are feeling too tired to cook dinner, all you have to do is heat some leftover oatmeal present in your fridge and just toss an egg white on top of that. It could not be any simpler!

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that the aforementioned cooking tips by Ido Fishman are one the most effective tips you will ever come across! If you wish to excel in the domain of cooking, then it would serv you  very well to follow these tips and create magic in the kitchen (and then some!).