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Best Cycling Apparel to Use when Cycling

Are you fond of cycling and pushing your limits? According to a recent survey, the number of cyclists has increased from 43 million to 47.5 million in 2017. Hence, if you are one of those who loves cycling and wants to know the best of cycling apparel, then you are in the right place!

Cycling Helmet

It is one of the most essential objects if you are cycling. Helmets act as protective gear and can save your head from injuries. Some helmets also come with a lot of creative designs.

They are aerodynamically designed for lesser air resistance. Some of the best brands for cycling headgear are Bontrager, Smith Optic, Giro, etc. So, if you are planning a nice ride on the nearby road, don’t dare forget your helmet at home.

Waterproof Jackets

The next thing on our list is a nice functional jacket. Usually, people prefer jackets as it adds to the comfort while cycling. Thus, for sweat resistance, a waterproof jacket is efficient cycling apparel. It also makes you feel less stuffy during the ride.

These jackets also come with neon stripes and reflective panels which help with visibility on roads, especially if you have a habit of cycling early morning or late evening. The jackets act as road safety, too.

Waterproof Trousers

Having a nice jacket also calls for comfort trousers, as your legs would do the heavy lifting. Some riders go for skin tights, while others prefer a regular fit. However, what matters most is that these should be friction resistant and should allow the rider to pedal freely.

When using cycling apparel, make sure you have neon stripes on the edges as night-cycling will be less fatal with its presence.

Shoes and Over-shoes

Although there’s a notion that your regular shoes are fit for cycling, if you want the best results, you need to have cycling shoes. They help you create a better grip on the pedals. These are special shoes, made with certain spikes on the sole which clips itself to the pedals.

This cycling apparel not only increases the efficiency of the peddling but also ensures a larger frequency at shorter intervals. This is the reason why professional cyclists go for such carbon sole shoes which are only solely meant for cycling.

Backpack or Pannier Bags

This is another useful cycling apparel which can be a good addition if cycling is your daily commute. You can keep your equipment, books, notebooks, stationery, etc. in it as a cycle does not have space to store things.

These backpacks are light and are designed to be worn on the back while cycling. The pannier bags can also be attached to the cycling seat offering you more comfort.

Padded Undergarments

If you want comfort, then you need to think about this. Due to the cycle seats, it makes cycling really painful for your buttocks, and thus, padded undergarments can be the only sane solution. They are comforting and help prevent friction while cycling.

Cycling Gloves

Gloves help with the grip on the handles, which is another important aspect of cycling. Have you ever complained about palm-sweating? If yes, then, gloves are a must for you because contrary to popular belief powders don’t work.

You need to have mitts or gloves, which will help you with a steady grip and provide real support while you are making those fierce turns on the streets.

Cycling Glasses

Does the dash of air and dust particles affect your eyes? If you want to cycle with comfort, then the glasses are the best cycling apparel you will need. It helps you to set a clear vision while riding and helps prevent fatal accidents.

These are usually made of fiberglass, and are definitely glare-proof and help with the sunrays, too.

Over to you…

These are some of the best cycling apparel that can help make your cycling experience better. You can also look at other accessories like sippers, smartwatches, etc. to further enhance your cycling experience!


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